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Dr. Crysta Serne Body Work/Massage Therapy

Dr. Crysta Serne

827 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Body Work/Massage Therapy

About Dr. Crysta

A former national level gymnast, Dr. Crysta Serné has developed a keen interest in sports injury rehabilitation. It was during this time that she was first introduced to the powerful effects that chiropractic care has on athletic performance and injury prevention. While earning her degree in Kinesiology and studying Biology and Psychology at Simon Fraser University, Dr. Serné had the opportunity to work with numerous varsity athletes under the direction of several health care practitioners. It was at this time that she became committed to learning all that she could about chiropractic care. Dr. Serné is considered to be a Modern Multi Modal (MMM) Chiropractor as she combines multiple Chiropractic, soft tissue, and rehabilitation techniques when creating a treatment plan.

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