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Gurushabd Khalsa Yoga / Meditation

Gurushabd Khalsa

100 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

Yoga / Meditation

About Gurushabd

Born in Guru Ram Das ashram in Toronto, Gurushabd grew up in a spiritual community of Kundalini Yogis, healers, teachers, and Sikhs. When she was 13 Gurushabd spent a year studying at a yogic school in India. She became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher at the age of 17 and has been teaching ever since.

Gurushabd teaches welcoming Kundalini yoga classes with a graceful spirit and a deep gratitude for whoever walks through the door. Her yoga classes have a smooth flowing rhythm, and she shares the truly transformational techniques of Kundalini Yoga in a simple, accessible, and profound way. When she's not teaching or practicing yoga, Gurushabd is directing the studio and connecting with students. In her down time, Gurushabd can be found biking around the city, playing ultimate frisbee, meditating, and hanging out with her husband Nash. She takes a break annually by retreating to India for the winter.

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