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Nancy Hunter Psychotherapy / Talk Therapy

Nancy Hunter

Toronto, ON, Canada

Psychotherapy / Talk Therapy

Emotion-Focused Therapy

About Nancy

Nancy graduated in 1989 from a 2 year graduate level course at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. Since then she worked at hospitals, schools and other community institutions. After the requisite number of supervised professional hours of work with clients she became registered with the Canadian Art Therapy Institute and is still a registered member today.

Learning hypnosis was the first thing she did to increase her flexibility as a therapist, and add to her skills and tools for change. It seemed like a natural extension to working with images in art therapy, and she had already begun to use guided imagery with many clients before formally learning hypnosis. She attended many courses and is now a master practitioner in classic hypnosis, as well as in advanced Ericksonian hypnosis. It is the Ericksonian hypnosis which she credits for giving her the boost she needed to attain the high level of skill and expertise as a hypnotherapist she has today.

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