• Joanna assists her clients in overcoming their personal barriers by drawing upon compassion and a strong technical foundation which includes advanced root causation techniques such as Regression Therapy, Ego States Therapy (also known as Parts Therapy), and Time Line Protocol Therapy. These powerful techniques focus on the root cause of client’s issues and as a result, have a lasting effect as compared to “suggestive therapy” (reading scripts), which tend to be less effective and not permanent. Joanna’s practice is founded on the core belief that each individual holds the tools to change their lives for the better and her role in this ongoing process is to empower clients to find those tools from within. Her environment is free of judgment, creating an extremely effective therapist-client relationship thus accelerating the healing process. Her specialty is working with trauma, self esteem issues and weight management.

  • Are you feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed? Are you feeling unable to cope in some way and need help moving forward in your life? Are you losing sleep because you can’t seem to let go, or find resolution? In a non-clinical, safe and supportive environment, I will help you breakthrough and experience:

    • Relief from anxiety and stress
    • Relief from depression or intense sadness
    • Improved relationships
    • Greater self-esteem and self-confidence Relief from self-sabotage
    Experience deep inner shifts and breakthroughs.

  • Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provide a powerful combination of techniques to help you resolve the issues and difficulties in your life. Over the past decade I\'ve been developing strategies to help people with Eating Disorders, specifically, Bulimia. I\'ve recently published my first book, \"Chasing Hunger, the 90 day bulimia breakthrough challenge\" Available on Amazon and a worthwhile read for anyone treating this disorder or related issues. I also work with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Anxiety, Stress, Relaxation, Addictions, Birthing, Fertility and a whole range of self help and self improvement programs My most recent books are \"Meditation for Beginners\" and \"Mindfulness for Beginners\" which are also available on Amazon. This summer I have several other books releasing: \"Death & Dying, a Bereavement therapists perspective\" and \"My Birth, My Way\".

  • I successfully used hypnosis to overcome stage fright and to stop smoking. I have always been involved in learning about the mind to achieve my goals and to become a better person. This interest goes back to my teens when I used to read books from Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and many others. After several years in the corporate world occupying high positions, I wanted more. I knew I really wanted to help people achieve their goals. I decided to continue my studies in life-coaching and hypnotherapy. After graduating from one of the finest schools of hypnotherapy in Canada with a Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy, I never looked back. I have been a hypnosis nerd learning everything I needed to learn to offer quality and expert services to my clients. I have learned from the top hypnotherapists in the industry: John and George Kappas-Hypnosis Motivation Institute; Cal Banyan-Cal Banyan Hypnosis Centre (creator of 5 PATH); Gerald Kein-Omni Hypnosis Training Center and Roy Hunter-Alliance of Self-Empowerment. I believe in providing quality hypnotherapy services with the least number of sessions. I do not believe in long drawn-out therapies.

  • Hypnosis is used by everyone to find peace, clarity and more constructive perspectives in their lives and challenges to move into a better feeling place. Through the use of hypnosis, we can work together to create rapid and dramatic changes in your thinking and habits so you can feel better about anything you want in your life! I offer a free 30 minute consult, because most people know almost nothing about this amazing tool, so feel free to take advantage of this to inform yourself and see how hypnosis can work for you.

  • I always was interested in human psychology and mystery of the mind, but studying traditional psychology did not answer all my questions. Once introduced to hypnosis and hypnotherapy I was so fascinated with the abilities of our mind to heal that I decided to practice it as therapy and help people resolve the issues. I believe that hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be beneficial for everyone: it is like having a manual to operate ourselves. My mission is to help others to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals, discovering hypnosis and hidden abilities of our mind. Commitment: In every patient I see a unique individual and I adjust the therapy according to the needs.

  • I received my training through \"Cross Roads Training Institute\" in 2008, I am certified as a \"Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy\", as well as being a \"Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist\" with the Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists here in British Columbia. I am incredibly passionate about my journey as a hypnotherapist and love sharing my knowledge and tools with my clients to help them achieve that sense of peace and strength that is too often laying dormant within us. Life really is too short and too important to live it with regrets. If you are ready to free yourself from patterns and old responses that are holding you back today, give me a call, and book a FREE Consult.

  • Kemila Zsange Hypnotherapy & Counselling offers services that help you, using hypnosis, access your inner wisdom and inner resources. Through hypnosis you can interrupt patterns, learn from the depth of your own being, and choose to be the best you are meant to be. I have successfully treated men, women and children around issues and conditions such as weight loss, insomnia, smoking cessation, trauma (PTSD), claustrophobia, depression, OCD, fear of success, creativity enhancement, performance anxiety and public speaking. I am passionate about helping performers get in touch with their creativity.

  • Hypnosis is a process during which an individual allows themselves to become more open to suggestions with the aid of a hypnotherapist. One can experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts, or behavior. Hypnosis is generally established by an induction procedure. Although there are different hypnotic inductions, they are based on imaginative involvement with focused attention and concentration. People respond to hypnosis in different ways. Some describe their experience as an altered state of consciousness. Others describe hypnosis as a normal state of focused attention, in which they feel very calm and relaxed. Regardless of how and to what degree they respond, most people describe the experience as very pleasant. Those who have been hypnotized do not lose control over their behavior. A person’s ability to experience hypnotic suggestions can be inhibited by fears and concerns arising from some common misconceptions. Everyone has a concept of hypnosis. It probably comes from depictions of hypnosis in books, movies or on television.

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