• Raphael (Rafi) Regev, a Vancouver massage practitioner with more than 20 years of experience, specializes in Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage (with a holistic approach), and Sports Massage. Thanks to his earlier athletic career playing on the Israeli national handball team, he understands athletes\' needs for massage, following their rigorous workouts and training. Both his clients in Vancouver and Tel Aviv have benefited through his skill in body massage ever since.

  • As a self-professed sports junkie and outdoor enthusiast, Jamie is no stranger to injuries or pain. She became a registered massage therapist (RMT) after a series of car accidents, snowboarding mishaps, and falls from horses left her with soft tissue injuries that only her RMT could successfully treat. Jamie started practicing in 2008 after receiving a diploma in registered massage therapy from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. When she\'s not in the clinic, Jamie spends her time practicing yoga, snowboarding, hiking, diving and maintaining her status as a fair-weather runner.

  • Mihael is a Registered Master Shiatsu Therapist and co-owner of Angel Hands Wellness. Having treated thousands of clients, he has come to understand the body at many levels. His ability to \"listen\" and \"feel\" and identify, what he terms as \"the pain story\" is unique to each individual client. He works to get to the root of the illness and disease. As Lead Therapist for the Angel Hands Integrative Programs, he accesses new clients and works with his team of experienced and exceptional therapists to rejuvenate and transform the lives of his clients. In his early twenties, Mihael began an extensive study of meditation and awareness that led him on a trip to the Far East to India and Thailand. It was after this extended trip that he understood his purpose in life was to help others heal.

  • Owner of Approach Cranial Sacral and Massage Therapy Clinic and Registered Massage Therapist since 1990. At Approach I work with people of all ages from infancy to adulthood. My goal is to help each person reach their optimal well-being. I work with a variety of non-invasive techniques to help eliminate your pain and discomfort. As a therapist I respect and listen to my clients, offering them my hands-on experience, compassion, intuition and empathy.

  • I have been in the fitness and health industry for over 25 years. For the last 13, I have been self employed as a British Columbia Registered Massage Therapist. The niche of my business is working with amateur and elite athletes; though, I have tailored my practice for the weekend warrior and yoga enthusiast. Releasing patients from restriction and discomfort to enhance their performance at work, at play, at the gym, on the mat and in competition. I have a strong background in orthopaedics, sports rehabilitation, pre and post surgical rehabilitation (mainly back, hip, knee and shoulder surgery) and am a very capable relaxation/spa therapist.

  • Erika made the best decision of her life when she quit an unfulfilling job in the finance field. That same year she got married on the beach in her native Mexico, and shortly after began training in massage therapy, a career she is truly passionate about. Today, Erika is a highly skilled and experienced RMT eager to tackle challenging cases, and help clients find long lasting solutions to their conditions. She can treat everything from daily aches and pains to devitalizing conditions. Erika thrives on new knowledge and experiences, the most current and powerful of these being her training in Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy ® (SDTT) with Armand Ayaltin. This highly effective technique and philosophy is incorporated into every treatment, and is tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

  • Carla’s goal as a therapist is to help her patients attain bodies that are both functional and comfortable. She takes a thorough history and assessment of each patient, designs a treatment plan of evidence-based techniques and sends her patients home with a homecare regime in order to address their issues. Whether dealing with rehab from an injury or surgery, postural dysfunction, or maintenance of a well body, Carla is happy to help. She also believes that working alongside other healthcare professionals to address an issue can be a very effective approach to treatment. After completing her Bachelor of Science Honours in Life Sciences at Queens University in 2009, Carla decided that a career in Massage Therapy would best allow her to help her community achieve happy and healthy bodies. She completed her Diploma in Massage Therapy at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2013, and has been treating on the North Shore ever since. She mostly utilizes myofascial and fascial release techniques, complemented by muscle energy techniques, joint mobilizations, resistance stretching, and trigger point release to achieve treatment goals.

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