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  • People say I am best at dissolving obstacles and building action steps to help them to move forward both personally and professionally. Entrepreneurs, corporate people, men, women and couples;  I connect powerfully with people who JUST FEEL STUCK.Whether we are connecting with the Angels and Guides or delving in to the Akashic Records to access past lives and Soul path missions in THIS life - answers, direction and clarity can always be found to increase confidence and your pathway forward. 

  • Jennifer Clark is a Centre For Mental Health & Addictions certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor. She has been consistently ranked one of the Top Canadian Integrated Energy Therapy IET  (Healing With The Angels) Master-Instructors and Top 30 worldwide The Centre of Being Inc and Stevan Thayer.  

  • Cheryl Jiala Driskell is an Author, Workshop leader, Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive Counselor & Energy Therapist.  Through her Intuitive Counseling and Healing work, she can easily assist you in your self-discovery or in finding the layers of energy that have been stuck and have led to any illness or personal discomfort.  She then helps you to release those mental/emotional/spiritual discomforts or physical illness.  She will also guide you in releasing the layers of unawareness and attachments you carry so you can advance spiritually or as a healer.  In your work together she will ensure that your greatest gifts and treasures blossom and expand.  

  • Colleen is and has always been very interested in exploring her own spirituality, faith and divinity. She is a deeply spiritual individual, who values a nature based focus in work, life, love and philosophy. Throughout her life's vocation there has been a focused approach and "calling" to ensure the provision of healing, counseling, care and pain/suffering relief or resolution.

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  • Each of us has a unique configuration that makes us who we are and an astrologer with an evolutionary approach can help you understand how to be true to yourself through awareness and counselling.

  • Sylvie Brule is a mother, wife, public servant, spiritual healer, intuitive reader, motivational speaker and published author who lives in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  Sylvie has been featured in newspapers, radio and television and has helped many individuals through her workshops, and healing sessions.

  • Ken Mason is an internationally known Psychic/Medium who has been reading for more than twenty years.  He reads at home or at your place of business or residence. 

  • Jennifer is a Spirit/Psychic Medium, located in Kanata, ON. She offers a connection to those on the Other Side - channeling directly with your Spirit Guides, Angels and/or Deceased Loved Ones. Whether for closure, peace of mind, healing, guidance, or simply pure curiosity, Jennifer considers herself honoured and privileged to assist others along their journey of healing and discovery.

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