• Julie Helena Robinson passionately believes that her life mission as an angel intuitive is not only to relay wisdom and insight from angels, spirit guides and loved ones on the other side, but just as importantly, to uplift and empower people to take charge of their journeys to discover balance, freedom, and happiness.

  • Janine is an experienced tarot reader, astrologer, and palm reader. She does not answer your questions but rather delivers the messages given by your Spirit Guides and your Guardian Angel who hear your thoughts, therefore you will not speak your question aloud and need only think of your question or wish to be heard as you shuffle the cards. The Celtic cross spread reveals your predictions for the coming months. The mystical images and fables within the cards give clues and insights that contribute to self-growth.

  • Patricia Monna is an Internationally known Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor and Co-Founder of Psychic Awareness Retreats. Patricia has dedicated her time and expertise to local and international law enforcement agencies from around the world, to help locate missing persons and bring closure to victims of homicide, kidnapping or unexplained disappearances. In addition to locating missing persons, Patricia meets privately with clients in her office located in Calgary Ab, Canada.

  • Your soul is here to discover its purpose, each of us create unique talents to offer others. I am able to guide you in a session, by reading your souls written contract in this journey. The souls contract is written in the spirit world prior to returning here in the physical world. Which consists of your purpose, relationships, personal lessons your soul needs here for growth etc. By working with my spirit guides together we align you with your purpose.

  • As a Medium and Channel, Tamara connects with your Spirit Guides and departed loved ones to provide insight, support and encouragement. Accessing this personal support network provides insight, connection and direction. Readings with Tamara are geared towards personal empowerment; providing insights to make changes in relationships, patterns and beliefs so you can live more fully in your Authentic self. Great transformation takes place when you live from a place of empowered connection with Source.

  • "I consider it an honor to be a conduit for spiritual guidance and change," says Sonia. "It brings me great joy to be able to help people recognize how they are holding themselves back and then find positive ways to change."

  • I have been practicing mediumship since 1989 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I use crystals and stones to assist with psychic readings; however my primary source of 'information' is through clairvoyance and clairaudience.

  • A reading with Christine will get you the clarity you seek the and point you in the direction you so desperately need. Christine will provide you with verifiable information from the other side (spirit world), as well as information you aren't aware of. Christine gives you the reading, then you get to ask questions “only after Christine is done”. After all Christine has to prove herself.. Christine receives her messages directly from loved ones who have passed over. She does not use cards, runes or any other tool, her gift is divine.

  • Mary-June's passion is geared toward restoring you through Magickal spiritual processes to a Being who lives and loves from a centered, grounded, totally in your True Power place. She uses the tools of ancient wisdom to assist you to break through blocks in your life: Love, financial, health, Confidence, Peace of mind.

  • Transcendental Mediation through Sylva Mind Control Centre, Mediumship through a Spiritist Church, Mind/ Spirit/ Body Metaphysical Training, Metaphysics Studies through Science of Mind relationships with manifestations in the physical dimension, Theoretical and Practical development of ’spiritual languages’ to enhance dialogue with Spirit Master/ Angels/ Guides, Study of the philosophies of Dr. Bernadt, Dr. Cruppe, Lazarus (Spirit Guides that present their teachings through a medium) and Edger Cayce (the Sleeping Prophet), Tai Chi, Qui Gong, Reiki, Energy Balancing, Clairvoyance & other Psychic Skills, Tea Reading, Dream Interpretation.

  • Clear pointers about your present life lessons, outside challenges and internal dialogues.

  • Michelle's life purpose involves helping you to understand your gifts and how to use them, how to relieve yourself of some of the challenges happening in and around you, and moving to a better understanding of self, which leads to self-empowerment.

  • Jeni's goal is to help others find peace within their heart & soul. She is very genuine, honest, filled with humour, open and believes in truth. The truth shall set you free. She has no time for others who show any disrespect towards her or others. She will work with you on a profound level & can bring out your own spiritual abilities when your truly ready. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. She will help you awaken your intuition.

  • Jessica Dolphin is a psychic medium with a passion for helping others acheive peace and spiritual wellness. Understanding the needs of your body, mind and spirit is crucial when learning how to feel at peace. Making time to take care of yourself is challenging, but trust me… you’re worth the investment.

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