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  • Tammy Taylor is a gifted clairvoyant based in Oakville Ontario who loves to help people connect to their angels, guides and spirits. A session can bring profound insight, clarity and healing into relationships, career and any personal matters. A reading can help release fears and blocks that are preventing you from moving ahead and the information to help guide you in the right direction.

  • Elora Taylor is a multi-generational psychic medium who has trained at Arthur Findlay Spiritual College just outside of London, England. She is a  channel who works with beings in a higer dimension called "HU" they will answer questions about relationships, career, health, life purpose. No question is too big or too small!

  • Maria Sidorova is a Spiritual Counselor, Psychic, Tarot card reader and Teacher, Angel Card Reader and Teacher, Usui, Karuna, Kundalini and other Reiki styles Master-Teacher, Master Hypnotherapist, certified Past Life Regression hypnotist, Master of NLP, Seraphim Blueprint advanced practitioner, Teacher of Seraphic wisdom for ADALIAN ~ The Seraph’s love and faith, Archangel life coach, certified Oneness Trainer and Golden Orb Deeksha Giver, Intuitive Arts practitioner… Through her natural psychic abilities Maria Sidorova helps clients attain their fullest potential. Maria has helped people find the most efficient way to achieve their goals, release anxiety and emotions, remove blocks, and gain more clarity and happiness in life. The accuracy and depth of her readings assists people in gaining insight as to where they presently are in life on all levels and to see what is coming up for them so they are truly free to choose the direction most aligned with their soul’s path! Welcome to visit website for more information on services Maria offers.

  • My name is Jason Troy Medium I am a Psychic Medium/Clairvoyant for over 15 yrs, I work as a spiritual counselor/healer. I love working with my clients and the best sessions are when I have no prior information of the loved one that is passed on. as well as business or corporate events.

  • I have had psychic ability all of my life. As a young child, I had knowledge about things that seemed to be more than mere coincidence. At age five, I started to have psychic visions. I was able to see past (retrocognition) present (clairvoyance) and future (precognition) events. I also began to connect with the spirit world. I recognized early on that what I was experiencing was out of the ordinary.

  • Dr Shakti Devi, best astrologer, best psychic has more than 20 years of experience in helping people. She was born as a gifted child with exceptional abilities. Best astrologer Toronto had great interest in spiritualism and philosophy. She was brilliant in studies and completed her MD degree. She started has own practice but fate had something else in mind.

  • I am an Internationally recognised professional Psychic, Astrologer and Tarot reader who is dedicated to help you gain more wisdom, clarity and embody your soul purpose with joy. I was born psychic and have always know that I am a multi-dimensional infinite being and that my role was to be a teacher. I have always had prophetic dreams and visions. I bought my first Tarot deck at 17 and read voraciously about mysticism, symbols and psychology.I kept meeting teachers, astrologers, Tibetan Buddhists lamas, and shamans who I trained and studied with and who helped me on my path of spiritual knowledge. I started out as an artist, dancer and performer. I graduated from the Ontario College of Art, and taught for a year there. I was certified as a tarot reader by a Psychologist in 1990. Many other kabbalistic tarot teachers came my way. I have experiences things which many would call paranormal supernatural and miraculous. The Buddha taught that we are already enlightened and this is the premise I work from. My belief is that you have all the answers inside of you. I use metaphysical tools of the Tarot,Astrology, my intuition and my psychic guides, and I act as a sacred mirror interpreting and helping guide you to trust your own inner wisdom. I have read for over 29,000 individuals since 1991 at personal readings worldwide and at events. I love teaching workshops on metaphysical arts. Leading ceremonies and rituals. I am devoted to teaching about women's spirituality, red tents, and rights of passage I am honored to be of service to help clients to become more aware, to free themselves from the past, to bring healing and help enlightenment them to honor their own sacredness.

  • Third of eight children, I am a psychic medium with clairvoyant abilities that was born in Brampton, to a Aboriginal father and Irish catholic mother, and raised in Toronto. In addition to my thirty years of personal and seventeen years of professional experience, I am a very old soul that has incarnated with messages from the spirit world of insight, hope and enlightenment. I am devoted to helping people on their journey to rediscovering their powerful gifts and unique connection to the spirit world and those loved ones that have passed on.

  • After graduating from Brock University (St, Catharines, ON) with an honours degree in French, Carolyn Molnar became a full time psychic medium. She utilizes over 30 years experience of psychic training to coach and instruct others to tap into and to utilize their inherent intuitive abilities. She also provides readings for those clients looking for psychic or mediumistic messages.

  • My name is Amanda im a psychic & spiritualist people always ask me what is a psychic or what is a spiritualist I simply tell them im indigo why indigo? a indigo is a human being that is in tune with his or her surroundings like how another person if sum one near me is happy I feel that joy but if the person is in distress or pain I also feel this not only am I just in tune with a persons emotions I can actually hone in on a persons thoughts whether it be a buried traumatic situations from the past or what your planning to do during the week, this is why I say being psychic/indigo are two of the same psychics/indigos have been around for ages science is just starting to catch on to this phenomenon.

  • Psychic Spiritualist Indigo Clairvoyant Diana Has bin Helping and Serving People from all Over the World All Age, Race, and Gender, Since Just Over 22 Years Going from all States and provinces and Country's Helping People And Giving them the Guide To There Own Tailored Spiritual Path In life and Place But not just Showing You the Path But Teaching. Our philosophy is to teach you Spiritual Balance and Peace. Im a Born Gifted Individual With The Powers & Knowledge To Heal And Save Others Since The Age Of 4 Years Old Realizing My gifts Coming in Contact With Many Spirits and Angels, at A Young Age Traveling Across All of Europe Helping and Healing With my God Gifted Power i Then Traveled North America So Then On at 10 years Of Age i Became A Professional Astral Projector At the Age of 12 i Have Fully Mastered All Of my Psychic Spiritual Indigo Gifts I Have Bin Helping People Since 22 Years And Continuing To Do So All Results Have Bin Guaranteed And Bin Seen With in 12-24 Hours.

  • I am Divinely guided to assist you in your quest to resolve all of life's many challenges and help you to be as happy as possible with the choices that you make. I have successfully, with my Guides' help, assisted my clients in regaining positive and life enhancing perspective in every situation. My field of expertise is enabling you to identify and then get to the core of your issues and start resolving them. I am so grateful to be able to connect with the Divine on your behalf and assist you in every way I can. Let’s face it…Life can become hard, painful, and confusing. Transitioning from one stage of life to the next can involve unexpected hardships, moving through overwhelming fear and having that all too familiar feeling of being stuck. These are just a few of the things that I help my clients with on a daily basis. It is my life’s journey to enable you to identify and release all the blocks that are preventing you from being at peace within yourself.

  • Marishka is a Psychic Medium, a certified Hypnotist, a Master Time Empowerment Practioner, a Master NLP Practitioner, a Coach and a Dynamic Speaker. She is also a published author, with four books to her name.

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