• Homeopathy is one of the most-used forms of medicine in the world, and arguably the fastest growing. Depending on which estimate you believe, 300-500 million patients worldwide use it. It is the fastest growing medical system in the world today, favoured for its efficacy, and lack of toxicity or side-effects. Since the focus is on raising immunity, vitality and stimulating the body to heal itself, we can apply homeopathy in acute situations like injuries and infections, but also in chronic conditions like anxiety, depression, arthritis, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Even people with seemingly stubborn disorders like schizophrenia and autism benefit from the prescription of a well-chosen remedy. Homeopathy applies to mental and emotional complaints just as well as the physical and can raise the quality of life in every condition.

  • I offer my patients and their families personalized complementary homeopathic medical care.  My gentle approach to attaining and maintaining vibrant health addresses illness as a combination of emotional and physical symptoms, and incorporates lifestyle and diet changes to personalized treatment plans.

  • I feel deeply privileged to work with people to help them regain their health and inner vitality with homeopathy. My background in science (PhD Physics, McMaster University) combined with a rigorous education in, and practice of, the art and science of homeopathy allows me to truly partner with my patients on their healing journey.

  • Homeopathic treatment with Tamara may go deeper and spur changes that far exceed your expectations and have a long lasting, even preventative, effect on your health and well being. “If you’re ready to get unstuck and take your life to the next level,” Tamara says, “I recommend homeopathy!”You may make discoveries about yourself in your pursuit of better health. Most clients say it’s therapeutic… and boosts the capacity to enjoy life, family, friends, and even sparks renewed confidence in their relationships with others.

  • Anna is a graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM). This program included a three year intensive academic and science curriculum, including thorough clinical training supervised by Canada's most experienced and respected Homeopaths. Anna also holds a B.A. with specialized honours in Kinesiology and Health Science, from York University. Her additional training in sports medicine, and years of service provided as a certified personal trainer have resulted in a strong knowledge of diet, nutrition, physical exercise as well as the importance of our mind-body connection. Anna's passion for the transformational power of Homeopathy motivates her to keep abreast of the latest medical advancements with regard to both mind and body. Her combined academic achievements have helped her grow a thriving Homeopathic practice.

  • Nicole Riley is a Registered Homeopathic Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist. Upon completing her undergraduate degree at McGill University, Nicole fulfilled her desire to pursue natural medicine at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. She went on to graduate as class Valedictorian, with honors in both Homeopathy and Health Sciences. She is a registered member of The College of Homeopaths of Ontario and is on faculty at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine and serves as the Clinic Director. Nicole has a special interest in women’s conditions (including breast health, pregnancy and gynecological health) and pediatrics, and is a qualified Healthy Breast Practitioner. She is dedicated to educating women, empowering them with the tools to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. It is her goal to uncover the root cause of each patient’s unique illness and she is committed to supporting the body’s innate ability to heal while providing compassionate and comprehensive care. She focuses on disease prevention and patient education, enabling patients to live a healthier lifestyle and attain optimal vitality. Nicole incorporates Classical Homeopathy, Nutritional assessment, Lab testing, Lifestyle counseling and Tissue salts into her treatment plans.

  • Natasha treats a wide range of acute and chronic conditions including but not limited to skin conditions, digestive issues, chronic headaches, and menstrual disorders. Treatments include energetic sensitivity testing for food sensitivities, candida, parasites, bacteria, heavy metals, meridian stress assessments, homeopathic recommendations, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations. She completed a 3 year program in homeopathy with the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto, Canada. She has also been mentored by some of the world’s leading homeopaths including Joe Kellerstein, Philip Bailey and Lisa Decandia.

  • Annabelle Menezes received her BSc. with honours in Biomedical Science from the University of Guelph in 2001. During her undergraduate degree Annabelle grew interested in natural medicine. She then took courses in natural medicine and worked in naturopathic clinics, as a health and product advisor in health stores, and as a nutrition specialist for a health company that focused on customized supplements and nutritional support. She went on to pursue training in Classical Homeopathy at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and graduated with honours and as valedictorian in 2011. Annie enjoys cycling, walking, dancing and spending time with family and friends.

  • Francine Lupton is a passionate Classical Homeopath, member of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario and the Ontario Homeopathic Association. Francine was introduced to homeopathy after losing a battle of chronic ear infections with her son. His health turned around quickly and she knew that her mission was to go back to school to help others experience the same health and happiness that homeopathy can bring. She is now dedicated to each of her patients with the enthusiasm for enhancing the well-being of each individual physically, mentally and emotionally. Francine stimulates the body’s own ability to heal itself by carefully listening to her patients and treating the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. Remedies are selected that focus on the whole person and the totality of symptoms which re-establishes the body’s energy at the deepest level enabling healing and prevention of acute or chronic conditions. Special attention is always given the emotional state of the patient. Homeopathic treatments also include lifestyle and nutritional counselling, cell salt deficiency, botanical medicine and detoxification. Change your health and change your life with homeopathy.

  • Homeopathy, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful systems to heal the mind, body and soul of every individual in this universe. I realize this is a very powerful statement – the reason for such a strong position on this form of therapy is that I believe only homeopathy has the ability to go into the inner workings of every cell in the body and alter and remove the memories of past abuse and trauma. Only through the deep inner healing of the emotions stored deep in the psyche, after undergoing some form of a negative event, abuse or trauma, can we begin to make baby steps to restoring the vital force or chi energy that keeps the vitality moving in our bodies.

  • In my practice I encourage women and men to be best versions of themselves that they can be. We work together using homeopathy, nutrition, and supplementation to nourish and heal the body and soul. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, homeopathic treatment taps into that innate, yet latent ability. I studied homeopathy at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. In addition to the art and science of homeopathy, I studied anatomy & physiology, pathology, physical examination, pharmacology, orthomolecular medicine, and nutrition. Nutrition is definitely a passion of mine. We truly are what we eat. Anyone who knows me knows that I love food and see food not only as nourishment, but also as medicine. I incorporate this belief into my practice. When you come to see me I will always address eating habits. Too often we eat as though it were an inconvenience or a chore. Good eating habits are the foundation of any health program.

  • Anna became passionate about Homeopathy in 1995 when her 7-year old daughter fell seriously ill. Anna found that conventional medicine could not offer a cure or even a treatment for her condition. This is when she decided to seek the help of alternative medicine. Anna was really impressed with the approach that had been taken by the homeopath in order to find the appropriate treatment for her daughter. The homeopath was interested in more than just the description of the disease. He asked about many other aspects of her life: energy level, stress, sleep pattern, digestion, appetite, diet, etc.

  • Family-orientated homeopathic practice working with babies to grandparents. Homeopathy is a safe and gentle way to treat ailments as well as help balance out the stressors of life that constantly affect our level health. I have experience with a range of concerns from infertility, diabetes, PMS, austism, ADHD, labour/delivery, ear infections, kidney stones, asthma, IBS, Parkinson's, depression and much more. You'll find care, professionalism, education, healing and encouragement for a healthier tomorrow.

  • Do you remember the last time you felt carefree, unencumbered, and full of energy? Homeopathy will help put you back on that track, whether you are suffering physically, mentally, or emotionally. The experience that one can expect with me is that time stops for us as we delve into the medical and personal history which produced a timeline of presenting symptoms. Typically it is a learning session, with both of us understanding and connecting the symptom picture in such a way that breaks down complicated and seemingly separate circumstances into a manageable and holistic treatment.

  • Joy Burlton is a classical homeopath in Toronto that works out of the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine and has been practicing since 2007. Joy works with Families and individuals that are affected by depression, anxiety, autism, and infertility at all stages of their life. Joy values the quality of healing that homeopathy can produce for her patients and can help you recognize the benefits of homeopathic treatments. When you come in for your appointment Joy will listen to what you have to say and treat you as an individual as homeopathy does not work the same for everyone. Each individual has a different path to healing that will suit them best and this is an attempt to find a personalized treatment. The goal of homeopathy is to have an individual’s mind and body working together so the client can start to recover their health and maintain it. Homeopathic treatment can start this process allowing for an individual to experience a healthier a positive lifestyle. Joy is always happy to talk about homeopathic treatments, contact her to discuss homeopathy and ask any questions you may have about treatment or general information. When seeking treatment it is always best to have some knowledge about treatment options and what homeopathy in Toronto can do for you so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • About 18 years ago, I was referred to a Homeopath by a medical doctor. After only a few visits to the Homeopath, I realized that this was the method of healing I had always been looking for and wanted to begin to study it immediately. At that time, there were few options available so I studied informally with a mentor. Several years later, I began to study more formally and after graduating from Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine in June 1999, I started my practice in Newmarket, Ontario.

  • Samantha Spencley, HonsBA, DSHomMed, R.H.N, Hom. has been practicing classical homeopathy and holistic nutrition for 6 years now. A former performer, she became interested in homeopathy when it helped her to conceive. She studied at the University of Toronto, Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, and Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She is a sought after speaker on holistic health and has been published in the 2012 publication of The American Homeopath Medical Journal and on the online publication hpathy.com and she is a contributor to fitness-to.com. She practices in Toronto Ontario and can be reached at, www.sosholistics.com.

  • Homeopathic practice specializing in women's health fertility birth and pediatric medicine. Alexis combines her in-depth knowledge of homeopathic healing with a genuine care for the health and well being of her patients. Taking the time to actively listen, she treats the whole person. Focusing on the root cause of an ailment, homeopathic treatment isolates and stimulates a patient’s own curative power using natural substances, based on the presenting symptoms including physical, mental or emotional. Bowen, a light touch-therapy, cures pain by reprogramming nerves returning muscles to a healthy, pain-free state. Alexis has completed The Homeopathic Master Clinician program from the Luminous School of Homeopathy and is a graduate of the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine. She is a practitioner of the Bowen Technique having qualified in both the regular and advanced training. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of the Witwatersrand.

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