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  • A Yoga Alliance 500 RYT who brings his enthusiasm for life to every class. His passion is in developing classes and programs that challenge students of all levels and provide a positive outlet for relief of stress. By focusing on the idea that Yoga is truly for everyone, I am able to motivate people to achieve higher levels of personal development, both physically and mentally. I specialize in the Yin, Kundalini, Restorative, Punk Rock and Structural Yoga disciplines.

  • When we embark on a yogic journey, we are brought to a place of higher awareness where irresponsible thoughts and actions are no longer ignored. I believe that this practice has a strong power to transform and this transformation varies from person to person. Whether it be living a more healthy and active lifestyle to elevating your global consciousness, I want to encourage individuals to positively impact their communities and environments.

  • Julie is a writer and a yoga teacher, and owns Ocean and Crow (Formerly East Side Yoga) with her mom, Jane, in Vancouver, BC. She has a Master’s in Canadian Poetry from McGill University, is President of the Vancouver Poetry House board, and has twice represented Vancouver in the Women of the World Poetry Slam. She also writes a biweekly column on yoga for Spirituality and Health Magazine. Julie has been practising yoga for 20 years, and has trained in many styles, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Yin, and prenatal. Her teacher trainings, called Teaching as Storytelling, call together her personal experiences with yoga and her experience as an educator to make even the most intangible elements of teaching yoga feel accessible. She also teaches workshops on yoga and writing called Creative Flow, and a course that contextualizes yoga in its historical and cultural moment called Yoga for Feminists.

  • My main style of yoga to practice and teach is Vinyasa Flow. I teach a free form flow style rooted in the tradition and philosophy of Ashtanga Vinyasa. I have been teaching Flow, Power, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin, Core, Therapeutics, Pre-natal, and Yoga Nidra and Vipassana style meditation since 2003. My teaching style is tailored to the group that has gathered, but my message is always the same; yoga is about presence, relaxation, and connection. We play with the dynamic of hard and soft, ease and effort, movement and stillness, doing and undoing. All of my classes have a "come as you are" feeling. I meet each student wherever their starting place may be and we move forward together on a path of embodying strength and sensitivity.

  • Yoga surprised Carolyn as a ski bum in Whistler ‘99 at the unaware age of 19. It initially provided agility for her snowboarding, skateboarding and trail running. Now, as a teacher in Vancouver, she continually learns how to connect with others and feel at home in one’s skin. The magic of yoga surprisingly grows quieter-towards a place where the physical, the internal, the spectacle and the witness are all one. Carolyn’s past life was outdoors, in environmental restoration. Since completing her first 200 hour YTT in 2008, she has an extensive CV: as a contributing writer for My Yoga Online, filming videos with lululemon and Mala Collective, as an educator for international Teacher Trainings with Lila Vinyasa School of Yoga and Semperviva Yoga, managing yoga studios and guiding students through the mind blowing practice of just being while in silent meditation intensives. She has previously assisted at two Wanderlust Festivals and completed the Kula Yoga Project 75 hour advanced training in CT.Carolyn’s vinyasa classes are chock-full of unique alignment cues, smart sequencing, some careful touch and some touchy jokes to which she pays gratitude to Schuyler Grant, Ana Forrest and Clara Roberts-Oss. Her passion for silent meditation in forests is thanks to Adyashanti and Michelle St Pierre.

  • I believe that a yoga practice is an amazing way to deepen your connection to yourself, your body, your community, and the divine. My yoga journey began in 2004 on my 40th birthday, to repair old sports injuries. From basketball, to beach volleyball, to snowboarding and many performances as a dancer–my body was messed up and needed repair. After taking my first yoga class, I was instantly hooked. I have been teaching yoga since 2006 and credit my teacher training to the remarkable Eoin Finn and have been inspired by the teachings of Dustin Fruson, Ryan Leier, Danny Paradise, Christine Price-Clark, Clara Roberts-Oss, and Natalie Rousseau. I teach Power Vinyasa, Flow, and The Rocket. My classes are creative, challenging, and fun!! All levels are very welcome. Students and fellow teachers have enriched my life incredibly. My Mantra: "Practice and breathe, with balance and grace.... Less struggle, more surrender..... Less ego, more compassion

  • Emily is a talented and inspiring Yoga teacher who currently resides in Vancouver, Canada and has been instructing around the city since 2009. In 2006, she was motivated by her history of competitive figure skating & dance, to explore a new form of movement: yoga. In 2009, Emily completed her 200-hour teacher training with Chris Chavez. Since then she has studied with Ana Forrest, Christina Sell, and Clara Roberts-Oss. Under Unity Retreats (her company with friend, Susan Horning) she leads local and international retreats throughout the year. For more information on these adventures, visit

  • Danielle strives to share the beauty of Yin Yoga that guides us towards restoring the balance in your own lives through personal awareness and devotion to inner freedom from our habits and repetitive nature of our holding patterns. Learning to approach our bodies and minds creatively, passionately and mindfully is our greatest challenge but offers the deepest truths that reconnect to our spirits. Its the space between breathes in which we are for a brief moment our truest selves. Danielle firmly believes yoga is a practice to be celebrated and modified to meet you, always. Let it be the source of our insight, connection and strength and move the work we do on the mat, be the roots of change we create in the world around us. “My teaching is a creative expression of my life and artistic practice. I offer a fusion of studies and experiences to support people in finding their radiance: to create space that allows your love light to shine bright. Yoga is love in action and a powerful tool for personal and global change”

  • Lori Lucas E-RYT RPYT has been teaching Yoga full time in Vancouver for over 10 years and holds a specialty designation in Prenatal Yoga through the Yoga Alliance. Lori is certified in Hatha, Yin and Kid’s Yoga, is on the faculty at the Vancouver Yoga Conference, the Victoria Yoga Conference and is a faculty member at Langara College. She is a former Birth Doula and a member of the Doula Services Association. Lori feels blessed to have studied with many inspiring teachers over the years and continues to expand her knowledge of yoga and all things childbirth related through regular study, workshops, and teacher trainings. Lori is a proud supporter of the Shanti Uganda Society, a Community Ambassador for Vega and a passionate volunteer for the Brain Tumour Foundation. Lori also offers workshops locally in her private studio in the heart of Mount Pleasant.

  • Owner and founder of Unity Yoga Teahouse in Vancouver, Susan Horning is a socially-conscious entrepreneur, global traveler, yoga teacher and mystic. She leads an inclusive community founded on authentic connections and supportive friendships, holding space for the many colours and cultures of the Commercial Drive community. She feels blessed by the privilege of working with students at every level, and in addition to her public classes, offers private classes for community mental health, at-risk youth, ESL students and children. A follower of the Tao, Susan teaches both yin and yang styles of yoga, believing that both are required for a balanced practice. Having completed over 500 hours of training in different traditions, her classes are a fusion of the flowing grace of ashtanga vinyasa, the alignment principles of Anusara, and the energetic vibrations of kundalini and Qi Gong. Yin yoga and insight meditation are her passion, offering balance through the practice of stillness, self-inquiry and mindful awareness.

  • I started practicing yoga out of curiosity in my early 20's before the explosion of yoga studios. I practiced off and on, but found the practice challenging as I was very stiff and rigid after years of playing soccer and other sports without stretching properly. After the births of my children, I came back to a regular yoga practice to heal my body. Moving my body on the yoga mat felt invigorating yet calm. I felt challenged yet relaxed. I knew in my heart this was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Yoga has created clarity in my mind and a strong sense of self.

  • Lauren Roegele has been passionately involved in yoga since 2001 and teaching full-time since 2005. She has owned and operated a yoga studio, lead yoga teacher trainings both as program director and faculty member for the Vancouver school of yoga (2008 – 2016), and is currently co-founder of, an online yoga website. Having taught yoga for over a decade, Lauren has built a strong reputation as the person to go to for all things Yoga related. It hasn’t been all cupcakes and butterflies along this path for Lauren, she has a deep connection to the healing benefits of the yoga practice, as Yoga was the doorway that lead Lauren to heal her own body after a life altering accident left her suicidal and physically broken.

  • My teaching style and focus continue to expand, but my goal for students is consistent. I'm passionate about getting people to connect, getting curious about how their bodies, minds, heart and soul relate. I weave together postures and breathe to suit the mood of the day, and offer a mixture of music, inspiration and silence to help each of us tune in to a deeper level of ourselves. I like to offer a challenge on the mat, and get creative, but always with the same goal in mind. To get present, grounded and real, and learn how to better flow with this life we are dancing through.

  • Phyllis’ classes are inspired by her love of travel, nature, music, meditation and her personal yoga practice. She has practiced yoga since 2003 and she began teaching in 2011. With a love of adventure, Phyllis brings a spark of enthusiasm and playfulness to her yoga classes. A consistent practice has brought peacefulness and joy which she loves to share with those around her. You can expect a lighthearted yet intentional practice rooted in yoga philosophy. Her intention is to remind us that we are one. There is no “us and them”, there is only “us”. One Love. One Heart. All levels are always welcome and beginners will be challenged.


  • Hi, I’m Leo and I teach yoga. A few years ago, on a journey of self-exploration and of the world, I traveled by bike to Mexico and backpacked down to Peru. There, I discovered yoga through a dear friend. A year later, I went to India for my first yoga teacher training with Rishikesh Yog Peeth (yoga school) and to Guatemala for a 40 day silent meditation retreat. Upon return, I am dedicating my heart to teaching full-time and sharing with you my experiences abroad. The style and influences of my teaching come from my close mentors Shelley Tomczyk and Noah Maze. I am also inspired by teachers such as Michael Stone, P.T Mistlberger and Adyashanti, who help to shine light on my path.

  • Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Jade McClure was first introduced to the fitness industry in his teens. Jade quickly realized exercise wasn’t just about the noticeable effects on his body but about gaining confidence, decreasing stress and an overall feeling of well-being. Jade has used these realizations over the past decade to make a mark on the Vancouver fitness community by offering his clients more than a one-hour workout. Rather, they are treated to his holistic, 3-stage approach, called “The Jade Way”, that encompasses Exercise, Nutrition and Yoga . By modifying “The Jade Way” to personally fit each of his clients, Jade is able to offer comprehensive lifestyle plans based on personal goals and needs. He incorporates in-depth health and exercise evaluations, functional training, strength training, nutrition coaching, yoga, injury rehabilitation and more to produce dramatic results for each individual client. Understanding that a personable and balanced approach (as opposed to an aggressive, single focus method) always produces better short-term and long-term results, Jade’s work is visibly noticeable with his Vancouver clientele.

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