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  • Amy Reedman is a Registered Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Therapist, 200+ Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, and Reiki and Healing Touch Practitioner who’s been practicing since 1999. She teaches Gentle Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation. Inspired by the philosophy, wonder and beauty of yoga, Amy shares her enthusiasm to reconnect with the breath, breathe fully into life and live authentically with a spark. Her passion for aromatherapy and it’s powerful intuitive, emotional and memory connection inspires her to create a smorgasbord of custom blended aromatherapy products and Custom Signature Scents for companies and individuals throughout Canada. Amy blends yoga, meditation, energy healing, intuitive coaching and aromatherapy into one-on-one sessions from her home in Maple Ridge and she teaches classes and workshops at yoga studios and retreat centres throughout British Columbia. When she’s not on the mat or at the bar blending oils, she’s road tripping to her family’s cabin at Canim Lake, spending time with her nieces and nephews or enjoying our beautiful B.C. trails. Na-Ma-Ste!

  • Kelly M. Ablard is a certified and registered essential oil therapist and holds a Doctorate in Chemical Ecology, Master’s degree in Primate Conservation, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. Her research interests are in olfactory systems, chemical communication across species, medicinal plants, and clinical uses of aromatherapy in humans and animals. She is passionate about her research, finding sustainable essential oil sources, improving the well-being of people, captive and domestic animals with essential oils, and teaching the public about essential-oil bearing plants and their relationship with the animal kingdom. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Tisserand Institute, the Board of the British Columbia Association of Practicing Aromatherapists, is an aromatherapy practitioner, instructor and consultant.

  • Beverley Hawkins, Essential Oil Therapist – EOT®, Registered Aromatherapist – RA®, CAHP, NCTMB, Di.SPE., BFRP, is the owner of the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy which specializes in aromatherapy courses and aromatherapy certification that will teach you all you need to know about the safe and effective use of essential oils. In addition to teaching Beverley also maintains a small private practice.

  • Colleen Thompson has worked in the field of Aromatherapy since 1995 and has been a Registered Aromatherapist since 1998. Colleen owned two aromatherapy stores from 1996 – 2002. She then began second aromatherapy business, TAP from home for 2 years and then opened her combination aromatherapy retail store and spa (TAP) in Fort Langley, BC. Colleen prided herself on selling only the highest quality essential oils and aromatherapy products and was a product source for other aromatherapists and post-secondary schools who used aromatherapy in their programs. Colleen lovingly hand poured her essential oils and created most of the retail products herself. Colleen sold TAP in late 2007. Colleen Thompson completed her Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program in 1997 and since that time has been involved in teaching aromatherapy programs and workshops (non-certified) throughout the lower mainland.

  • I consider it an honour and a privilege to empower people to take control of their health and well being. Complimentary medicine offers a more natural approach to wellness that takes into consideration the person as a whole being, not just a body. One of my most important tools in this process is my willingness to take the time to listen to each persons\' needs, history, hopes and fears. Then, with my clients\' input, I tailor a protocol that is unique to them. This could include, but is not limited to: essential oil synergies, herbal blends and energy work. It is my objective to share my knowledge and experience with others, in either a one to one setting or in a workshop format and to continue to add to my training by attending classes, workshops and seminars.

  • I am a Registered Aromatherapist and Essential oil therapist here in North Vancouver. My passion is helping people who have chronic diseases such as C.O.P.D, chronic pain, diabetes and hypertension, and terminal illness live a quality life. I also help families with stress resulting from caring for a loved one. Helping people with newly diagnosed chronic disease and their loved ones help them understand and empower them in maintaining a good level of health and well being. I offer aromatherapy including Swedish massage,geo-thermotherapy (hot & cold stone massage) Reflexology and Reiki. Current research has shown that using essential oils under the direction of an aromatherapist can help with reducing some of the associated side effects from cancer medications, this is when they are used in conjunction to western medicine. The beauty of the art of aromatherapy is that it helps the physical body to relax and repair, and the subtle changes to the mind that can all so instantly lift a persons mood, while stimulating the autoimmune system. I was a registered nurse for over 20 years before taking up complementary holistic health care as a provider. I have worked with people in all stages of their lives and feel so privileged having done so. Now I would like to share my knowledge and passion to help you become more in tune with your own body,mind and soul.

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