• Maria Reid settled in Ottawa after growing up travelling the world with her family. With a background in languages and linguistics she taught ESL before raising her two sons. Having children changed her irrevocably, primarily because both sons experienced serious medical conditions. While seeking treatment, her family experienced, firsthand, the benefits of various forms of traditional and alternative medicine. She believes strongly that there is a place for both in the world of health care.

  • Mokhtar Akbari is a both a physiotherapist and a homeopath. As a homeopath, he offers services in holistic and natural medicine to treat chronic diseases as well as colds and acute injuries.  Here, he uses natural remedies to stimulate your body’s immune system to heal itself.

  • I am a registered homeopath in Ontario and a member of Ontario College of Homeopaths. I found Homeopathy very interesting because it focuses on the vital force of the human body and its great role in the healing process. Homeopathy doesn't treat disease, it treats the patient as a whole. Homeopathy is effective, natural, safe, and can be helpful in some conditions when conventional medicine couldn’t help e.g. chronic pain, fibromyalgia.

  • Homeopathic treatments to enhance life experience - health, relationships, career, success and overall well being. Certified homeopath with vast experience in treating all sorts of acute as well as chronic issues.

  • Roberta is registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario, and has had a private practice since 2006, in both Montreal and now also in Ottawa. Roberta brings to the homeopathic encounter a profoundly poetic ear that is most sensitive to the language of soul, and a safe space to welcome its scintillating evanescence as consciousness lights and delights the journey of life. Roberta has been studying the healing arts since 2002, and has had a private practice since 2006. Prior to that, she was a teacher of special needs children in a major Montreal school board, where she adapted and developed individualized programs for her students.

Top 5 Homeopaths In Ottawa