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  • I am a Registered Psychologist (Ph.D., Counselling Psychology) with 13 years experience and I currently practice in Southwest Calgary. I've also taught at Grant MacEwan University and the University of Alberta (undergraduate, graduate, and Faculty of Medicine).

  • Dr. Nathan Cobb is a Calgary-based psychologist and marriage & family therapist, with over seventeen years of experience helping individuals, couples, and families find solutions to the following types of issues: marital conflict, recovering from an affair, family conflict, adolescent behaviour problems, blended family problems, parenting, depression, stress, anger management, self-esteem, substance abuse and addictions, and workplace issues.

  • For over 15 years Tania has been supporting and motivating individuals and couples towards finding solutions to a wide range of life issues and challenges. Tania is equally comfortable working with both genders and all sexual orientations.

  • As a psychologist and therapist, I seek to... Provide a safe space to gain perspective; Explore avenues previously not considered; Provide strategies to assist an individual, couple, or family make the necessary adjustments.

  • Murray works collaboratively with his clients to bring about the changes they would like to make. He often uses a three part model to facilitate these changes. This includes looking at difficult feelings a person may be struggling with (for example, loss, depression, anxiety, abuse or anger) to help learn why the difficult feelings are there and to potentially deal with or eliminate them permanently, often reducing or eliminating the need for medications. For couple counselling, Murray often helps couples become more emotionally supportive and connected to each other which can make working issues out much easier. Help with better communication is provided as well as learning new problem solving strategies for difficult issues. This approach can bring about significant changes in finding a more positive, committed and long-term relationship.

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