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Find A Homeopath – Meet Sara Namazi

I was born in Iran. My father was a pharmacist and I was brought up on pharmaceuticals. I immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1988 and soon after that adopted a complete North American lifestyle and was integrated into the fast-paced society. I learned English; got a job as an Optical Lab technician; bought a car; rented a nice apartment in Toronto and started climbing the ladder of success. I enrolled in college to become an Optician and improve my life and finances.

I worked full time and studied part-time; spent late hours at night to study. Some exam nights I popped a couple of “Awake” pills to stay up and study till morning.

Mornings started by grabbing a cup of coffee and a bagel from any chain coffee shop in town; rushing to work; having a slice of pizza/fries/veggie burger or a Sub with Sprite or diet Pepsi for lunch; rushing to school in the evening; grabbing dinner at the Café, which included macaroni and cheese/minestrone soup/fries or grilled cheese sandwich.

I aced the classes; passed the board exam with flying colors and continued my success journey. I worked in high-end and mid-end optical stores. I received management positions and finally decided to open my own store.

From the day I opened the store’s, everything went spiraling down. I was inexperienced and naïve in the world of business and was deceived by a trusted person who took most of my money and didn’t deliver what he had promised to help set up the store. I dived into a large amount of debt from the start of my journey as a store owner. Five years, many sleepless nights and panic attacks later I was drowning in a sea of debt and the more I tried to save the business the more it sank.

I had suicidal thoughts every night. I was scared of going out every morning. I didn’t want to face the world. The banks and creditors didn’t care that I was a good person and never had harmed anyone or cheated in my life. They wanted their money and used their resources such as collection agencies to intimidate; humiliate and threaten me into paying them.

One day in my total despair, I came across a book that I had for years and never bothered reading it. The book was called “The Alchemist” written by “Paulo Coelho”. Reading that book was the start of a big shift in my consciousness.

Finally, I did what I had to do. I sent the merchandises back to the suppliers to whom I owed money and closed the shop. I had to face my biggest fear and shame and declare personal bankruptcy. That was one of the best decisions I had made in life.

Once I was free from being a store owner, I received many job offers. I was happy to be able to get back on my feet, but something didn’t fit. I was not the same person anymore. I couldn’t be satisfied with the same lifestyle I had before being a store owner.

I went to Peru in 2007 and The Amazon and Machu Picchu shifted something in me, to the point that when I came back I was encountering synchronicities everywhere I turned. Through these synchronicities, I ended up meeting a homeopath who explained to me the concept of a connection between mind, body and spirit. While listening to her, suddenly everything started to make sense. I realized how I was disconnected from this concept and how brainwashed I was by media. I realized my view on health and disease was skewed and it was time to wake up.

Other events that followed immediately after meeting that homeopath lead me to “Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine”. Before I knew it I had submitted my documents to see if I would be accepted to study there. A week before the start of the first class I was called in to go for an interview and I was accepted into the program. I ended up enrolling in the program and walking out carrying thick and heavy books that contained healing techniques I had never heard of. I committed myself to three years of school; a big tuition and meanwhile I had accepted a job as a manager in the optical store in “Sick Kids Hospital”. I didn’t know if I had made the right decision. I didn’t know how to pay my tuition for the next three years; how to be in school for over 30 hours a week and work to pay my bills. I was just getting back on my feet after a big financial setback. I was scared yet excited. My fear vanished the first day I sat in the classroom of year one. Once the teacher started teaching I was transported to a world of profound healing possibilities for myself and for the planet I was living in. The fear was replaced by strength. I felt I could conquer the mountains. I was on top of the world.

For the next three years I was taught by the most amazing teachers the art and science of homeopathy; anatomy and physiology of the body, psychology of human brain, I learnt about humans’ subconscious mind and how disease and health are rooted in subconscious and are dynamic forces enter twined in body and mind, I learned about humans spiritual and physical evolution, I learned the toxicology of pharmaceuticals and herbs and through 1700 hours of live clinical training under supervision of experienced homeopaths I witnessed and learned how homeopathic medicine can help with healing of chronic and acute diseases through a specific and precise system of medicine that was developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father, and founder of homeopathy.

I worked, studied, went to classes, completed my clinic hours, wrote my final research paper and graduated with honors in 2010. I met the most wonderful human beings in school; more than half of them were my classmates and presently colleagues.

Homeopathy has transformed my life and the life of people who have come to me as clients. I learned how to hold a safe space for the person who chooses me as his/her practitioner and journey with them toward healing path. Homeopathy has taught me the true meaning of this beautiful quote by Rumi:

“Out Beyond the Wrong-doings and Right-doings, there is a field, I will meet you there”.

Homeopathy is a calling and a passion and I hope I can facilitate a journey to a healthy existence for anyone who crosses my path.

In 2012, I finally had the opportunity to move to beautiful British Columbia. Living close to the mountains of North Vancouver, surrounded by the lush and green trails became another dream of mine in 1995 when I first set foot in this province. I now live and practice in North Vancouver. I am humbled that the universe has granted me this opportunity to find my passion in life.

Sara Namazi