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Find A Psychic – Meet Anita Hafner

I was born and raised in Vancouver in a home with Eastern European values. I always felt that I never quite fit into any group as our upbringing was far different than the average western North American Family – my understanding always a little different. At 18, armed with a full time job in a little art materials supply store, I left home to break free from my alcoholic father’s control and suppression, and moved in with my boyfriend’s family. This didn’t sit well with my parents and so they helped me establish a place to live with furniture and accessories. I left that relationship shortly after and moved into my second apartment within the year and promptly started dating the young alcoholic man across the street. It was during that relationship that I experienced deep and intense desires to end my life as I felt completely out of control. It was towards the end of that relationship, at 20 years of age, that I was given a second chance at a new, aware, conscious, and vibrant life. I just didn’t know it at the time.

In 1987, one early summer day, I had chosen to go sky diving and had a crash that left me with what I believed to be a simple broken leg – in 3 pieces. What I did not consciously integrate (until I received a vision in February of 2014 even though I had been told by other Psychics) was that during that intense meeting with the planet, I had died and gone to the edge of the light. It was there that I had been met by a being of light and had been given a choice to continue on through the light or go back to the physical form that I embodied. If I chose to go back to earth it was to continue on a new path, one with a strong inner pull to become aware, awake, conscious and present in my reality. I chose to go back, and from that point onward my life took gentle unconscious steps towards awakening. I did manifest yet another boyfriend with addictive behavior. It was during that relationship that I was pushed to the edge and declared, from the core of my being, that “this will never happen to me again!” I recognized that something I was doing or not doing was attracting those emotionally destructive relationships into my life.

In 1994, shortly after that declaration, I met my current partner at his going away party….he would prove to be my greatest catalyst to my awakening and evolution. He happened to be leaving town and I didn’t know if I would ever see him again. His departure was short lived, and I met him again at his home coming party later that year. We hit it off immediately that first time and picked up where we left off during the second meeting. He gave me books to read to see if I walked my talk…I devoured the books in days asking for more of the same.

In 1996, we opened up a metaphysical products retail store in Vancouver. It was awesome. Everyone loved it. We had all the cool tools, a 5 foot golden pyramid one could sit in, mind machines to try, subliminal audio recording, whatever we could find. Our goal was to bring to the masses products that would assist them in their journey of self-discovery. It could have been amazing, until we were being catalyzed by all of the activational tools that we were selling. Our finances plummeted, our deep seated patterns were brought to the surface, our goal for others did not exclude us. We were our clients and we were evolving right along with them. Everyone came to play, no one wanted to pay. So we had to close the doors 1.5 years later. I started to experience aspects of lack and despair that I didn’t even know I had. I even went on social assistance as I had lost everything. I sat in depression for months in my apartment…rent free thanks to mom. I would wake up, walk to the living room that was filled with boxes of bills and paper work, release a huge depressive sigh and go back to my bedroom and watch tv all day. When I had fully wallowed in my depression, I finally started to climb out of my darkness and started to rebuild my world. A friend suggested I offer massage as he had stated it was the best he’d ever received. I started doing well with that in the winter while I continued my career in tourism which was always in the background as my core income while we made a go of our store. After one prosperous season, my partner suggested a trip to the Ramtha School of Enlightenment…5 of us ended up going to that 10 day boot camp of spiritual awakening where we sat at one point for 14 hours learning quantum theory as applied to the nature of creating reality. We continued for 2 years attending as many events as possible sometimes with only a few hours’ notice.

As I continued to evolve and unfold…I continued to attract greater reflections of my path and purpose. I attended the I AM temple and integrated the understanding of vibrational alignment. My partner became an instructor for the Flower of Life and taught me the Merkaba Meditation. I attended a seminar with Ester Hicks and Abraham in Hawaii after a dolphin swim I did with Joan Ocean.

The more I learned the hungrier I got. I was like a bottomless pit craving to feed my soul and understand the nature of reality and how we are capable of changing our core vibration to change our lives. I received numerous channeled readings, one of which touched on several lifetimes as a healer and my ability to do so in this lifetime. From that reading forward, in 2007, I moved through and very quickly outgrew many modalities. I started experiencing clairvoyant visions, heard voices and sensed vibrational patterns which led to yet greater expansion and awareness. I then discovered Dr. Richard Bartlet and Matrix Energetics. I wasn’t interested in yet another limited modality, however was drawn to connect and experience what was being offered. I signed up for the 2 day work shop and stayed for 5 days, doing two programs simultaneously leading to certification as a Practitioner. I was hooked! Finally someone was able to assist me in refining what I was already doing and further guide me in understanding light, consciousness and information in a way that catalyzed profound lasting changes. Teaching us how to follow information, see timelines detect patterns of consciousness, recognize genetic imprints and social collective constructs. I was in my element! I had finally learned to access the Matrix and I was choosing the red pill right along with Neo.

I am now in my 3rd year as a certified practitioner of Matrix Energetics with a twist and have been happily and successfully assisting a global clientele in understanding the nature of reality and how to consciously create through vibrational awareness.

I live in gratitude for all of the experiences that I have had that have profoundly impacted my life and I am most grateful to be of service to humanity.

Thank you and may you be as blessed as I AM,