Find A Psychic – Meet Tegan Forbes

Ten years ago I received my first tarot reading and my experience was profound! I had never before embodied the resonance of clarity and knowing truth on such a deep level. It was an experience of feeling deeply seen, held in light and held in love. My perspective on the greater meaning of life was widely opened for me.

The series of readings to follow were effectively life changing. I felt that parts of my inner most self that I had difficulty expressing suddenly had an opportunity for liberation. Through tarot I found new ways to access my higher self and strengthen my trust of intuitive insight.

Tarot became my anchor point for healing, shifting consciousness, and accessing a larger perspective of universal cohesion. Not only was this an inspired part of my healing journey but I felt deeply compelled to share this insight with others.

Over the next few years I dove into studying tarot as it seemed an obvious step for me to learn how to read tarot as well as understand the power of symbolism, history and social relevance of how these cards came into being. This intellectual process was a natural complement to my Masters Degree and academic background.

To my delight and surprise my client practice has been where I have received my most revealing education. The unique career path that I have chosen, as a full time tarot reader and astrologer allows me to witness immense amounts of divine light and love that surround each individual human. This universal bounty is accessible and available to all. I feel honoured to be able to develop my ability to connect to my higher self and the higher self of others.

I have witnessed human consciousness as a body of light with the ability to open with ease, grace and gentleness to love and universal guidance. However being human can also put us in direct opposition to our higher path, when we seek to intellectually figure things out instead of feeling our way and trusting our inner strength. Tools like tarot and astrology are excellent resources for anyone interested in finding out more about their unique purpose in life. When we trust in the fullness and clarity of our natural intuition, we know the language of our heart. Our choices then support growth, opportunity and our highest potential.

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Thank you,
Tegan Forbes