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Find A Reiki Healer – Meet Jenn Danielson

Twenty years ago, I was not the obvious person to become a Reiki Master and life coach.

I grew up focused on science and processes that I could define and describe in intimate detail. I insisted on proof, results that can be replicated exactly through tangible processes. I have carried this perspective through university and roles in research, health care, data support and project management.

But I also carried with me a sense of exploration and open-mindedness as I continue to learn and encounter new things.

My first encounter with Reiki was over eight years ago, as a new mom returning to full-time work. I had encountered debilitating levels of stress before, and I was encountering it again. Reiki led to a whole different way of viewing the world. I could not explain, at a scientific level, how Reiki worked. But I could see the impact and describe the outcome. I saw Reiki energy provide stress relief for myself and others. That led to improved wellness, better decisions and stronger connections with self and community. My desire grew to help others find relief from the stresses that were negatively affecting their life and well-being, and my Reiki training has given me that privilege.

Several years later, I encountered coaching through a professional setting. I sat in a classroom, listening to a description of tools and techniques that combined neuroscience, a project management framework and Reiki sensibilities. I knew that this “coaching thing” was going to take hold of me in a big way. Further education along a path to coaching accreditation means I now also support people to find their own best plans and paths. It is not for me to explain or describe another’s next steps; it is simply for me to help them uncover the next steps for themselves.

— science and spreadsheets meet incense and energy —

Now, all those things are in one place. They’re all connected. Just as work, life, family & wellness are all connected, and just as a change or impact in one area affects the others – we can so easily fall out of balance. In my work, I support people with Reiki and mindfulness tools to remove the stress that can blind us to the impact it has on every aspect of life. From this refreshed space, we can find those a-ha moments that bring clarity and focus to our next steps, and we can find how to best connect the dots of life, wellness, work and family for each individual person.

From a fun, supportive and soulful place that we build, there is rest. There is release. There are epiphanies. There are plans. There are long-lasting outcomes.

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It’s your life. And your growth. Connect your dots.