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acaversan Amauri Caversan Naturopath

acaversan Amauri Caversan


Dr.Amauri Wellness Centre

Acupuncture,Herbal Therapy,Clinical Nutrition,Detox Therapy,Food Allergy Testing ,Food Sensitivity Testing,Hormone Replacement Therapy,Intravenous Vitamin Therapy (IVT),Intravenous Therapy (IV),Naturopathic Counselling,Nutritional/Dietary Counselling,Oxidative Therapies,Urinary Organic Acid Testing

About acaversan

Our mission is to be a clinical leader in the integration of Naturopathic Medicine, complimentary therapies & mainstream medicine. We strive to help people reach a healthy state of balance and well-being through Naturopathic Medicine.

As a leader in the practice of Naturopathic medicine, Dr. Amauri Caversan is committed to optimizing his patients’ health, well-being, vitality and overall quality of life.

Conditions Treated


ADD / ADHD,Addictions,Alzheimer’s Disease,Anxiety,Brain Fog,Depression,Eating Disorder,Feeling - Grief / Loss / Sadness,Feeling - Irritable,Feeling - Lonliness,Feeling - Unmotivated,Insomnia,Intimacy Issues,Memory Issues,Mental Fatigue,Mood Disorder,Negative Thinking,Pain Disorder,Panic Disorder,Parkinson’s Disease,Postpartum Depression,Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),Sexual Issues,Sleep Issuses,Stress


Achilles Tendonitis,Acid Reflux (GERD),Acne,Adrenal Issues,Aging Concerns (Anti Aging),Allergies / Sensitivities,Arthritis,Back Pain,Bursitis,Cancer,Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,Celiac Disease / Gluten Intolerance,Cholesterol Issues,Chronic Pain,Cold / Flu,Colitis ,Constipation,Diabetes,Diarrhea,Digestive Issues,Disc Pain / Compression,Diverticulitis / Diverticulosis,Ear / Nose / Throat Issues (ENT),Eczema,Edema / Swelling,Erectile Dysfunction,Fatigue,Fertility Issues,Fibromyalgia,Gallstones,Gastrointestinal Disease,Gout,Headaches / Migraines,Heart Disease,Heavy Metal / Toxin Exposure,Hemorrhoids,Hormonal Issues,Hypertension,Inflammatory Issues,Insomnia,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Joint Issues,Knee Issues,Libido Issues,Lyme Disease,Menopausal Symptoms,Menstrual Issues,Multiple Sclerosis (MS),Muscular Issues,Nausea,Neck Pain,Neurological Issues,Plantar Fasciitis,Postural Pain

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