About Anthony Santen, S.A.C. Dip(Adv. Psy.)

I've been a counsellor in private practice for since 2006. I provide marriage counselling, individual counselling and life-transition coaching with a strong Integrative Psychodynamic Humanistic Existential focus. For marriage counselling I specialize in break-up prevention and (re)integration. For individual counselling I specialize in counselling for depression and anxiety. What does this mean for you? My approach is focused on fostering individuality, personal growth, rekindling passion for life by finding and celebrating each person's unique strengths and challenges while working towards integrative thought, mood and behaviour that are at the root of your challenges and distress. Through a gentle yet direct approach I facilitate personal discovery of deeply entrenched patterns and beliefs that are hindering your ability to appreciate life as it happens. Using an integrated variety of modalities including when appropriate: didactic, dialectic, narrative, CBT, NLP, guided imagery, and Ericksonian techniques, clients see me for problems related to depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, fears, intimacy and relationship related issues. Overcoming the root causes that may be holding back your progress, move beyond coping and managing into near effortless embodiment of your new and more integrated Self without changing who you are as an essential person as you embark on your journey to wellness and fulfillment. Approach Over the last 20+ years, I have worked with a variety of clients and studied philosophy and psychology based on many theories and traditions, from symptom/results oriented approaches (such as CBT) via depth-psychology based approaches (such as Freud, Jung, Adler, Rogers) to spiritual and religious based approaches and traditions (such as Christian, Hindu, Islam, Buddhist and Taoist). I have spent much time weeding out the belief-oriented portions of these philosophies to create a results-oriented, logic-based approach that is easily integrated into the philosophy of our current times. (i.e. by people like you and me who were born in modern times and grew up with hybrid cars, iPhones, Swiffer commercials on HD-TVs and clever advertising that tells us to buy more while eating organic and recycling.)