About Cheryl Driskell

Cheryl Jiala Driskell is an Author, Workshop leader, Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive Counselor & Energy Therapist.  Through her Intuitive Counseling and Healing work, she can easily assist you in your self-discovery or in finding the layers of energy that have been stuck and have led to any illness or personal discomfort.  She then helps you to release those mental/emotional/spiritual discomforts or physical illness.  She will also guide you in releasing the layers of unawareness and attachments you carry so you can advance spiritually or as a healer.  In your work together she will ensure that your greatest gifts and treasures blossom and expand.   Cheryl has studied and taught now for almost 30 years. She is the author of Mount Kurama and the Emerald Lake ( a child and youth Reiki book), Awakening Through Insight Intuition (intuitive development training) and Be In Your Heart, Be That Change (consciousness and compassion expansion).  She is also the founder of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario, co-founder of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada and Owner and Director of the Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development.  She has a degree in history and is a Registered Integrative Naturotherapist and Reiki Master-Teacher.  She is a member of the Association of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists and can issue insurance receipts for her Naturotherapeutic work. She has spent her adult life studying and practicing Sufism and studying numerous other spiritual theories, unraveling her personal unawareness for greater awakening.  As such, she has learned to surrender in her work, allowing her intuitive and healing capacity to be expansive for each session.  She can easily find the source of illness and mental/emotional issues within her clients and assist people in excelling there-after. She regularly teaches workshops in Reiki, Be In Your Heart, Intuitive Development, and more... Cheryl has also worked as a medium and truth-teller.  She will not work with you to satiate your attachments, but will help you find a way to go beyond them. She will assist you through each layer so you can EXCEL!   Testimonial: "Words cannot describe the profound value of Cheryl's intuitive work. She is truly gifted and has not only enriched my life through her intuitive energy therapy, but has also enabled my partner to feel "reborn" and my friends to gain "true insight" into their lives. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone who truly desires to heal." Marian Frances/Ottawa Testimonial: "Cheryl is such a compassionate and empathetic healer who provides a safe and nurturing space for her sessions. Her intuition is always on the mark as to what needs to be worked on. After a session, you leave feeling more relaxed, lighter and issues you worked on are dissolved. Cheryl gives very practical "homework" to continue to heal the issue. I would highly recommend Cheryl. I have the utmost respect for her intuitive abilities, her energy therapy work and counseling." Janice/Ottawa Please feel free to email or call her to see if she can assist you in expanding your path or healing your life in any way. cdriskell333@gmail.com 819-328-9128