About Christine Gilmour

My name is Christine and my mission is to energetically support and gently guide Lightworkers in shifting from the head to the heart, so they can embrace their soul’s purpose and action it with clarity and confidence.  You have unique gifts and a purpose in serving others and helping raise the vibration and consciousness on this planet.  MY mission is to support you in YOUR mission! My deepest passion is teaching! I offer frequent certification classes in Usui Reiki.  My students love my casual, informal style of teaching as  I encourage lots of sharing and discussion.  I pride myself on providing ongoing lifelong support to my students. I am truly there for them long after class ends. I also love to hold sacred space during energy healing sessions with clients.  Whether seeing me in person or in a distance session,  I work as a Bridge connecting others with the loving energy of our Guides and Angels, along channeling Reiki healing energy. Please visit my website to view all I offer. Registered teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association.