About Claude-Michel Prevost

I've been studying and practicing the Osho Zen and the New Orleans Voodoo tarot decks for the last 15 years. Complementary to the messages and pointers of my decks, I also bring you the wisdom I have learned from my travels and encounters in Zaire, Liberia, Belgium, France, Quebec, Papeetee, Kona, the USA and British Columbia. I have read at: * Sacred Space and A Small World in Vancouver, * The West Coast Institute of Mystic Arts in North Vancouver, * The Oracle in Whistler, * Gold Yogi/Intuitive Directions in Nelson * 2008 Kaslo May Days * 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2104, 2015 Calgary Stampede + Calgary Women Show + Tattoo Show + Taboo Show etc. I have also learned from - and shared with - my following teams, tribes and communities: * The Sterling Institute of Relationships: Sterling Men's Weekend Graduate, Birch Bay, April 1994, Grunt on various Weekends, Team Member over 5 years (2 Toasters!!) * Men's Division International/ Men's Legacy Discovery Weekend: Team Member, Marpole, aka the Stumps, aka 3D aka... Grunt & Curriculum Developer, 7 Men's Legacy Discovery Weekends, for Vancouver, Victoria, New York and Calgary. Shaman for 6 of these 7 men's initiations. * Re-Evaluation Conselling, aka Co-Counselling: RC Fundamentals, Class Assistant. Vancouver, 2007, 2008, 2009. Black Community and Development, Connecticut, BLCD 2003. People of Color Workshop, Seattle, Vancouver, 2005. Allied to Jews, Artists, Raised Poor and POCs. * Landmark Education (Forum Graduate and Advanced Communications Graduate) * The Young Men's Adventure Weekend (2002 and 2003 Crew and Filmmaker) * Coaching and Leadership In't'l Power Coaching Level 1 Graduate and Level 2 Graduate How can I help you?