About Colleen McIntosh

Colleen is and has always been very interested in exploring her own spirituality, faith and divinity. She is a deeply spiritual individual, who values a nature based focus in work, life, love and philosophy. Throughout her life's vocation there has been a focused approach and "calling" to ensure the provision of healing, counseling, care and pain/suffering relief or resolution. Colleen has been a deeply devoted Registered Nurse, who specialized in Palliative Care for almost two decades. Her life's work and dedication has profoundly impacted her perspective on the subject of life, death, spirituality and the afterlife. In the past Colleen's primary goal and focus was on the physical aspects of her patients' needs and goals. Now, in her own spiritual quest and evolution, Colleen is thrilled to be providing spiritual counselling, healing, harmony, peace, insight, wisdom, light, inspiration and serenity to her clients.