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Erin Lee Intuitive Healing

Erin Lee

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Intuitive Healing

About Erin

I believe that life is best when we have the tools necessary to make choices that lead to our happiness and fulfillment; part of that happiness and fulfillment comes from sharing our gifts to encourage and enrich the lives of others.

I am a 4th generation psychic reader and trained medium (able to talk to deceased loved ones); I am naturally clairsentient (receiving information through feeling) and claircognizant (receiving information through knowing). Though I try not take myself too seriously, the benefits that these gifts have brought to me personally, have encouraged me to take my gifts seriously. As a result, I have nurtured my abilities and advanced my training that I may effectively help others discover and use their own gifts.

A lifelong interest in metaphysics has guided my path as I continue to learn about and experience a variety of energy healing modalities. I am a certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher. Professional training, including an intensive 6-month spiritual development course, several mediumship courses, courses on healing with angels and many more, have helped to shape me and to hone my skills. Because I believe in lifelong learning, my education is a daily joy and challenge.

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