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Iris Michael General Energy Healing

Iris Michael

Vancouver, BC, Canada

General Energy Healing

About Iris

Healing work is my calling and has been a part of my life for the past 20 years. I offer an intuitive blend of shamanic healing, energy work, counselling, crystal and sound healing focused entirely on the client\'s goals and comfort level. I draw on a solid foundation of training, experience and personal work in the healing arts. I am a trauma-sensitive healer and work with clients to gently clear those energies that are creating emotional, mental, physical and spiritual imbalance. I focus on where these energies are held in the body, rather than asking clients to retell and potentially relive traumatic experiences. Light, respectful touch is only used with the client\'s permission, otherwise sessions are done entirely without touch. I also offer self-healing workshops and sacred ceremony for special occasions.

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