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Janine - Golden Lotus Divination Intuitive Healing

Janine - Golden Lotus Divination

Golden Lotus Divination

Calgary, AB, Canada

Intuitive Healing

Astrology,Divination,Medium,Palm Reading (Palmistry),Psychic,Tarot Card Reading

About Janine

Janine is an experienced tarot reader, astrologer, and palm reader. She does not answer your questions but rather delivers the messages given by your Spirit Guides and your Guardian Angel who hear your thoughts, therefore you will not speak your question aloud and need only think of your question or wish to be heard as you shuffle the cards. The Celtic cross spread reveals your predictions for the coming months. The mystical images and fables within the cards give clues and insights that contribute to self-growth.

Palmistry and Face Readings include an interpretation of the meaning of the lines of the hands as well as the significance of the shape of the features of the hands and face.

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