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Vancouver Counselling And Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy / Talk Therapy

Vancouver Counselling And Hypnotherapy

North Burnaby, BC, Canada

Psychotherapy / Talk Therapy

Hypnotherapy (CHt)

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Joanna assists her clients in overcoming their personal barriers by drawing upon compassion and a strong technical foundation which includes advanced root causation techniques such as Regression Therapy, Ego States Therapy (also known as Parts Therapy), and Time Line Protocol Therapy. These powerful techniques focus on the root cause of client’s issues and as a result, have a lasting effect as compared to “suggestive therapy” (reading scripts), which tend to be less effective and not permanent.

Joanna’s practice is founded on the core belief that each individual holds the tools to change their lives for the better and her role in this ongoing process is to empower clients to find those tools from within. Her environment is free of judgment, creating an extremely effective therapist-client relationship thus accelerating the healing process. Her specialty is working with trauma, self esteem issues and weight management.

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