About Dr. Kate Whimster, ND

While out of the country on exchange, I finally got fed up with feeling bloated, cranky, and tired. I’d heard about the Blood Type Diet the previous summer, so I made a few simple changes to eat right for my type and was amazed to experience a dramatic improvement in my energy, mood, and digestion! Click here to listen to my story in an interview for CBC Radio. This experience awakened my curiosity and I continued to learn about natural medicine when I returned to Canada. Over the next few years I literally transformed my body, mind, and health in ways I never thought possible. Despite being secure and successful in my field, I recognized that as a Naturopathic Doctor I could build a career that made the most of my natural abilities and about which I could be passionate. So, I essentially blew up my life (quit my job, moved multiple times, liquidated my savings, added student debt) to complete 4 years of medical training to become a Naturopathic Doctor and I haven’t looked back since.