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Katrice Balmer Intuitive Healing

Katrice Balmer

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Intuitive Healing

About Katrice

Through inspired Intuitive Readings and Energy Healings designed to align you with your own unique essence, my work focuses on bringing you into balance on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

While located in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., my work can also be conducted remotely so regardless of where in the world you live, you can still benefit through either of these sessions over the phone or through the ethers. It only takes a belief in your innate healing capabilities and, with my heartfelt desire to make a difference of the lives of others, I am able to help you discover these abilities within YOU.

We are all desirous of living an inspired life, not only for our own self but for those with whom we connect in our day to day interactions. Once we are able to see through our own self imposed limitations we are able to re-design our lives from the inside out.

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