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Kim U-Ming Intuitive Healing

Kim U-Ming

900 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Intuitive Healing

About Kim

Kim U-Ming HTCP PC (Dharma Name: Pema Yangchen) finds great fulfilment through serving as an Certified Energy Therapist and Personal Coach. Her work is spirit and intuitively guided. Sensitive from the initial stages of life, she has studied and practised Energy Healing for over two decades.

Kim holds a keen affinity for nature and animals. She began healing work as a youth. Her life path has taken her within and without on a quest for personal truth. In addition to her natural healing gifts, she has attained her education through: The Barbara Ann Brennan School of Healing Science, The Robert Jaffe School of Energy Mastery, The John E. Upledger Institute (Craniosacral Therapy), The Surya Institute, The Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology, Erickson Coaching International, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster, Surgical Support, and Healing Touch Program (the only organisation teaching Janet Mentgen’s original standardised curriculum).

Additionally, Kim has studied Advanced Energy Healing, Complementary Medicine and Qigong with renowned masters and healers such as Dr. Alix Sandra Parness, Julie Motz (known for her work with Dr. Mehmet Oz and for pioneering the practice of energy healing in the operating room), Lama FoFu (formerly qigong Master Lin), Master Liang and Nan Blake, amongst others.

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