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Lucy De Pieri Homeopath

Lucy De Pieri

2226 St Johns St, Port Moody, BC, Canada


About Lucy

Lucy De Pieri’s interest in homeopathy started in June 1994, when she saw a homeopath for the first time. From then on Lucy was reading anything she could find regarding homeopathy. In 2003 she started formal homeopathic training at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy where she graduated from the 4 year course in 2007. Lucy is also a CEASE (Complete Eradication Autism Spectrum Disorder Expression) therapist.

Lucy has been a Board member of the BC Homeopathic Society ( since 2005. She started as a student representative and is currently the editor of The Bulletin – the e-publication of the Society. In 2005 she introduced the Society’s Internet newsgroup as a fast way for members to communicate with each other. In 2006 to 2008 she was elected Secretary of the Board.

Before homeopathy, Lucy De Pieri spent most of her working life doing research. She holds a PhD in Natural Sciences, a Master in Biological Computation and a BSc(Hons) in Applied Biology.

Over the years Lucy did research for Agriculture Canada, cancer epidemiology and for major pharmaceutical companies as well as doing environmental research including the effects of heavy and trace metals in the environment and on human health. For a few years Lucy was a stay home mom, as she wanted to raise “responsible human beings”. Her kids were her best teachers and from them she learned the hardest lessons.

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