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Mihael Mamychshvili Body Work/Massage Therapy

Mihael Mamychshvili

1416 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Body Work/Massage Therapy

About Mihael

Mihael is a Registered Master Shiatsu Therapist and co-owner of Angel Hands Wellness. Having treated thousands of clients, he has come to understand the body at many levels. His ability to \"listen\" and \"feel\" and identify, what he terms as \"the pain story\" is unique to each individual client. He works to get to the root of the illness and disease. As Lead Therapist for the Angel Hands Integrative Programs, he accesses new clients and works with his team of experienced and exceptional therapists to rejuvenate and transform the lives of his clients.

In his early twenties, Mihael began an extensive study of meditation and awareness that led him on a trip to the Far East to India and Thailand. It was after this extended trip that he understood his purpose in life was to help others heal.

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