About Mitch Smolkin, M.A., Counselling Psychology

I have had a lifelong passion for psychotherapy. I have taken steps in my education and professional career to ensure that I am as prepared as possible to engage in the work with integrity and purpose. To this end, I have a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology, I am certified as an Emotionally Focused Therapist with a specialization in couples and families, and I am a candidate in Jungian Psychoanalysis, a rigorous 6-year training program in individual psychotherapy. I am also part of a crisis assessment team in a hospital Emergency Room. As a psychotherapist, I am deeply aware that psychotherapy is a reciprocal process. I expect the same from myself as I do from you, and as such, my training involves my own participation in psychotherapy and I maintain supervision to ensure that you receive the best care possible. I am constantly engaged with the most current research in mental health, and I write academically as well as participate in and present at conferences.