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Naomi Kolinsky Psychotherapy/Talk Therapy

Naomi Kolinsky

750 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Psychotherapy/Talk Therapy

Individual Counselling

About Naomi

Naomi Kolinsky is a Registered Clinical Counsellor working with women, men, couples, families, youth, and children in Vancouver BC since 2005. She specializes in the areas of addiction, trauma, childhood abuse, eating disorders, relationships, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Naomi shares her time between private practice and her position as a clinical counsellor in the VISAC and General Counselling Program at Family Services of Greater Vancouver. At the VISAC program, Naomi works with women who have a history of childhood sexual abuse and helps them work through trauma, mental health issues, and addictions. In the general counselling program, Naomi works with individuals, couples, and families to work through issues of anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem, and relationship concerns, as well as sexual orientation and gender identity issues. Through Family Services, Naomi has provided presentations on alcohol and drug addictions, stress and anxiety management, dealing with burnout and vicarious trauma, and healthy relationships and communication skills.

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