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Rachel Harris Intuitive Healing

Rachel Harris

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Intuitive Healing

About Rachel

“Say hi to your beautiful soul, because no matter what you think or feel about yourself, you have one. And when you connect to it, wow do you shine!”

“I love to facilitate adults and children’s healing and revealing of their Bright Shiny Souls. I pass along messages and healing from Spirit, Archangels, Ascended Masters and people’s own team of angels, guides and departed loved ones. I also can guide people to meet their own higher selves, angels, guides and loved ones both here and departed, in this lifetime and other lifetimes to heal all kinds of issues, so they can shine brightly.”

Rachel Harris (ATP®, BSc Hons) is an inspirational intuitive healer, professional medium and Spiritual Hypnotist, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, speaker, author and founder of Bright Shiny Soul Program. Based in Vancouver, she was trained by world-renowned coaches: Doreen Virtue of Angel Therapy and Gail Larson of Transformational Speaking. Langara College, Omni Hypnosis Training Centre and Landmark Education also enhanced Rachel’s authentic gifts.

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