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Saima Shah Yoga / Meditation

Saima Shah

Vital Point Healing (Centre For Happiness)

Oasis Wellness, 1111D Austin Road, Coquitlam

Yoga / Meditation

Chakra Meditation,Guided Meditation,Hatha Yoga,Kundalini Yoga / Meditation,Mantra Meditation,Mindfulness Meditation,Pranayama (Breathing),Sound Meditation (Nada Yoga),Transcendental Meditation,Vipassana Meditation,Visualization Meditation,Yin Yoga,Zen Meditation

About Saima

To help people become happier and more at peace with themselves and their life.

I help my clients become calmer, more centred and move towards what they want in life

Conditions Treated


Abandonment,ADD / ADHD,Anti-Social,Anxiety,Brain Fog,Bullying,Claustrophobia,Confidence Issues,Depression,Divorce/Separation,Feeling - Anger / Hatred,Feeling - Empty,Feeling - Fear,Feeling - Grief / Loss / Sadness,Feeling - Helpless / Hopeless,Feeling - Irritable,Feeling - Jealousy / Envy,Feeling - Lonliness,Feeling - Pride / Arrogance,Feeling - Shame / Guilt,Feeling - Unfulfilled,Feeling - Uninspired,Feeling - Unloved,Feeling - Unmotivated,Feeling - Unsupported,Feeling - Unworthy,Identity Crisis (ego),Irrational Thinking,Mental Fatigue,Negative Thinking,Phobias,Postpartum Depression,Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),Self-Esteem Issues,Sleep Issuses,Stage Fright,Stress ,Stuttering


Aging Concerns (Anti Aging),Allergies / Sensitivities,Autoimmune Conditions,Back Pain,Cancer,Cold / Flu,Digestive Issues,Menopausal Symptoms,Sleep Issues,Stiffness / Rigidity,Thyroid Issues,TMJ / Jaw Issues,Weight Loss / Management,Woman\'s Issues

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