About Stacey MacDonald

People say I am best at dissolving obstacles and building action steps to help them to move forward both personally and professionally. Entrepreneurs, corporate people, men, women and couples;  I connect powerfully with people who JUST FEEL STUCK.Whether we are connecting with the Angels and Guides or delving in to the Akashic Records to access past lives and Soul path missions in THIS life - answers, direction and clarity can always be found to increase confidence and your pathway forward. I love being by the water. I grew up in Owen Sound, Canada - an area that is what I call ‘rocks, trees and water’.  My other ‘loves’ are riding horses, bowling and…shopping!Random fact?  I never thought I would be blessed to be a parent!  I feel this is my ‘first life’ as a parent and I remind my teenage sons….’bear with me - I’m new at this!’  (They call me The Warden)I feel very fortunate to see that my business has grown to include an extensive local and international client base for private sessions, trainings and speaking engagements.  These dynamic sessions enable people to move forward powerfully and confidently in their personal and professional life.