About Susan Lee Woodward

Whoot! Whoot! I was voted on of the top 25 Intuitive Practitioners in Vancouver for 2017. What an honour. Please see the blog post. http://crowdwellness.com/top-25-psychics-and-intuitives-in-vancouver/ Thank you Crowd Wellness! I think this website is pretty amazing too. Medical Intuition is the process of reading energy. I track and source the nature and roots causes of physical, mental emotional and spiritual conditions that have manifested as discomfort or dis-ease in the body. My role is to intuitively report, without censoring, questioning, or diagnosing what I see. Most people will come to an Intuitive for a scan after other more traditional methods (Allopathic Medicine) of diagnosis have eluded doctors, specialists etc. or as a supplementary addition to their healing process. I equate a Medical Intuition Scan to “plugging in”. Every living creature and non-living thing on the planet has a distinct and unique electrical energy field that resonates at a certain frequency. A Medical Intuitive just taps into that unique frequency when conducting a scan. While most people prefer to have the scan done in person, I have clients all over the world and do many sessions over the phone or via Skype. I have done many scans on people I have never met from great distances. Body memory is very powerful and long after an event, the issue can become part of who we are and we can carry that throughout our lives. Caroline Myss – Medical Intuitive says, “Your biography becomes your biology.” High stress events can trigger illness or chronic conditions. I am here as a guide to help you uncover these and facilitate your healing and wellness. Client Testimonial "Susan is a gifted medical intuitive. She uses her gifts with integrity, compassion, sensitivity and respect for her client. Everything she told me about my physical and emotional challenges was accurate, helpful and provided guidance for how to move forward in my self-healing. She is a wonderful resource whose insights can help accelerate personal growth and self-care. I recommend her highly!"    ~ Margaret Terry Adler I am also a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Laughter Yoga Facilitator, and Meditation Facilitator (MBSR).