About Sylvain Joseph

I successfully used hypnosis to overcome stage fright and to stop smoking. I have always been involved in learning about the mind to achieve my goals and to become a better person. This interest goes back to my teens when I used to read books from Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and many others. After several years in the corporate world occupying high positions, I wanted more. I knew I really wanted to help people achieve their goals. I decided to continue my studies in life-coaching and hypnotherapy. After graduating from one of the finest schools of hypnotherapy in Canada with a Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy, I never looked back. I have been a hypnosis nerd learning everything I needed to learn to offer quality and expert services to my clients. I have learned from the top hypnotherapists in the industry: John and George Kappas-Hypnosis Motivation Institute; Cal Banyan-Cal Banyan Hypnosis Centre (creator of 5 PATH); Gerald Kein-Omni Hypnosis Training Center and Roy Hunter-Alliance of Self-Empowerment. I believe in providing quality hypnotherapy services with the least number of sessions. I do not believe in long drawn-out therapies.