About Sylvie Brule

Sylvie Brule is a mother, wife, public servant, spiritual healer, intuitive reader, motivational speaker and published author who lives in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  Sylvie has been featured in newspapers, radio and television and has helped many individuals through her workshops, and healing sessions. Over the last 12 years, Sylvie has developed her skills through the mutual exchange of helping her clients while helping them understand their lives in challenging and stressful times through IET sessions and Angel readings. In her mid-20’s, Sylvie underwent a complete physical, emotional, mental and spiritual change that propelled her onto the path that she is on today. As a clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant and a clairsentient, Sylvie has been called to support others in healing through her various abilities. Sylvie is also a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® (ATP), and an IET® Master-Instructor. As an IET® Master-Instructor, Sylvie can teach and certify you as an IET® practitioner if you desire. Sylvie is also the owner of Mimi Publishing Inc, a publishing company that publishes inspirational books such as Mimi the Angel and the Passwords book series. Sylvie helps her clients understand that life is not meant to be frustrating in challenging times, but rather it is meant to be understood and analyzed in order to discover the beauty it possesses and what it is trying to communicate to you.