About Vicki Reese

Vicki is a certified tarot card reader and has been reading tarot cards professionally for several years. Throughout Vicki’s life she has been drawn to the spiritual, on a journey of understanding and learning. A seasoned world traveler, she has been drawn to visit spiritual centres and places of worship such as the Sistine Chapel, Ayers Rock in Australia, temples in Fiji, castles of Germany and ruins in England, Naples, Florence and Venice in Italy, Pompeii, Versailles, Paris, Barcelona, Belgium, Mexico, and Hawaii. Please note all readings are $1 per minute. Most Tarot Readings take approximately 40-45 minutes. Tarot can be combined with Tea Leaf Readings or Reconnective Healing. Please call or email to find out more details about appointment availability.” Vicki has a deep interest and background in First Nations spiritual methodology including spiritual cleansing through sage and sweet-grass, and has attended healing circles. She as well has an affinity to crystals and using pendulums that has led her to collecting Hornby Island healing stones and amulets.