The Age Of Intuition

Spirit Of Awakening

The Age Of Intuition is fast approaching, but what does this mean?

Before you read this article I would like to invite you to take a moment to feel into your body. How do you feel? Is there any pain? Are there any emotions? Do you feel happy or sad? Light or heavy? Clarity or confusion? Now I ask, do you label these feelings as “good” or “bad”?

If it is a good feeling you may be inclined to want more of it, whereas, if it is a bad feeling you probably want to get rid of it. But what if it is the act of labelling our feelings as good or bad that is the real cause of the inner conflict that many are faced with throughout their lives? What if we change our perspective and embrace the pain in an attempt to understand the lessons that are embedded with it instead of trying to escape from it?

Speaking from a male perspective, I know there is a tendency to label sadness as a weakness and, therefore, a bad thing. When I experienced my first intimate relationship breakup I felt deep sadness, as the experience brought up painful memories from when my parents got divorced.

Instead of embracing the sadness and letting it flow through me, I transformed it into anger which I associated with being a more “manly” emotion. However, what I really did was just suppress the sadness within me, masking it in anger, and ultimately causing blockages within my being, leading to chronic depression and other forms or mental illness.

I share this story because I wanted to illustrate the effects of suppressing an aspect of oneself instead of embracing it as a learning lesson. Feelings and emotions are a part of the human experience and must be embraced as so. The question we must ask ourselves is not, how do I get rid of this feeling, but what can I learn from it?

There is a line from a Buddhist prayer that says “May all beings be free from attachment and aversion” which, in its essence, is saying don’t fall into the trap of duality, or labelling things as good or bad.

This simple change in perspective will open the doors for healing, growth, and new experiences. As the energy that was once stuck starts to flow again you will start to realign with the natural forces that are trying to guide you to your true potential as a fully conscious, aware, and intuitive human being.

The Spirit Of Awakening

The Spirit of Awakening is here. It is affecting individuals, local communities, and the human race at large. It is the next step in our evolution. It is a shift from mastering our external world to mastering our internal world of intuition and creativity.

The Spirit of Awakening takes two forms. One, is the Spirit Of Aspiring For Awakening and, two, the Spirit Of Venturing Toward Awakening.

I see the Spirit Of Aspiring For Awakening in many people. These people are often in jobs or relationships that they are not passionate about and many report feeling “stuck”.

These people see others living their passion and yearn to embody that same energy. They know they need to make changes but are afraid to do so.

The Spirit Of Awakening causes one to question their reality and their purpose on this Earth.

Once the seed of the Spirit Of Aspiring For Awakening has been planted, it will start to grow. It will call to you, as it needs to be nurtured. It’s trying to guide you to yourself and to your higher purpose. Are you paying attention to the signs?

Human beings have a tendency to resist and fear change, but the more we resist, the harder life becomes. We begin to move out of balance and become susceptible to disease. Disease is the body’s way of trying to get our attention. It may manifest as mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual issues.

Intuition BooksAs individuals begin the process of Venturing Towards Awakening their resistance transforms into a curiousity. The ego begins to dissolve just enough to allow new concepts, beliefs, and ideas into one’s mindstream. Individuals begin to actively seek out books, websites, and activities in areas of life that were originally quite foreign to them.

Many people will feel a pull to travel to a different country. Some will attempt meditation or yoga retreats for the first time. Some will experiment with plant medicines such as Cannabis, Ayahuasca, or Iboga. Some will consult a psychic, medium, or shaman for guidance and healing.

The process of Venturing Towards Awakening is one in which we begin to break free from the prison of ignorance and open up to the wisdom that transcends all barriers and labels; a wisdom that we refer to as intuition.

When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear

If you have made it this far into the article then there is something in these words that resonates with you.

Maybe the Spirit Of Aspiring For Awakening has been planted within you but you don’t know how to move forward.

Maybe the Spirit Of Venturing Toward Awakening has started to grow and you are actively making changes in your life but have no way to validate what you are experiencing.

Regardless of what stage you are at, the end goal is the same; a place of heart-centered balance between one’s intellect (external education) and one’s intuition (internal education).

As I am speaking mostly to Westerners, we have largely excelled in the fields of intellect, but at the cost of mis-labelling intuition as irrational feedback. Because we are not encouraging our kids to tune into their body and feelings on a daily basis they have nothing to balance the stresses and pressures of daily school life. Kids are forced to go to school and memorize information that is often of no interest to the them, creating a situation where their intuition says no, but society says yes.

However, the Spirit Of Awakening is reigniting the intuition that we have been conditioned to ignore.

We see this on the global stage as the US Military conducting research on how to enhance the intuition of soldiers in combat.

We are also seeing a rise in Integrative Health Care which is a blending of western scientific-based healing with more eastern intuitive and energy-based healing principles.

And of course, we see this on an individual level, as doctors, scientists, and other well established intellects are seeking to better understand the power of intuition.

Unlock Your IntuitionOne of the leaders in this field is Vancouver based intuitive-scientist, Lesley Phillips Ph.D. She has built one of the top online schools for the development of intuition. She is a living example of embodying the Spirit of Awakening as she is both an accomplished intellect and intuitive.

Dr. Lesley’s course “Unlock Your Intuition” is of particular interest to a rising number of people looking for guidance, healing, and validation on their path of self-discovery. The course is a combination of recorded video teachings, live video Q&A with Dr. Lesley herself, as well as an abundance of written content for home study.

To learn more about this amazing course I invite you to a complimentary Webinar hosted by Dr. Lesley. Participants will receive an additional free e-book titled “7 Most Common Intuition Myths“.

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