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The Truth On Cannabis

Person SurrenderingCannabis has been used as a spiritual drug dating back to Egypt, 2000BC. It’s been used as a spiritual drug, because it is a psychoactive drug. A psychoactive drug is one that alters your state of consciousness. By altering your state of consciousness, it enables you to get out of the restriction of your limited perception, to expand your consciousness beyond the three dimensional reality. Let’s investigate the Truth on Cannabis.

All plants contain energetic frequencies, and those frequencies can teach a new way of thinking, and a new way of being. Cannabis teaches many things including the path of least resistance, oneness, surrender, release, letting go, inhibition, the present moment, livity, communion, allowing, the impermanence and illusion of the physical dimension, the frailness of boundaries, the illness of control, the fear resident behind the bold, confident mask of the ego, and effortless being.

People react differently to Cannabis. That is because people hold different vibrations and different vibratory rates. When a person with their unique vibration shares the space with a Cannabis plant, the persons vibration has to match that of the cannabis plant, otherwise they can’t share the same space.

Cannabis SpiritIn Shamanic traditions, many plants, including cannabis, are seen as gatekeepers or tunnel guardians between realms. This matching of frequencies or resonating between the person and the plant is called “friending”. You friend the plant, so the plant will allow you to pass between realms. This resonance effect is drastically increased when the medicine is ingested. The vibrational resonance causes a cascade of physiological reactions to occur, most especially, the inhibition of neurotransmitters. It inhibits the brain from functioning at normal capacity. This provides a great deal of relief to many people who are bombarded by their own resistant thoughts.

The brain is a transceiver of information that is designed to create the illusion of a static third dimension. When the transceiver is effected, or inhibited by certain drugs, the illusion of the physical dimension begins to dismantle allowing the person to see and feel beyond this dimension into other dimensional realities. It may also enable a person to allow more of if his or her pure being to be fully present and unrestricted.

Why Is It That People React Differently To The Plant?

Firstly, your vibratory rate may be higher, or lower, than Cannabis. If your vibratory rate is lower than that of the cannabis, it’s likely when you ingest cannabis, you will feel better, because it will cause you to increase your frequency and you will experience that calm, euphoric feeling. If, however, your vibratory rate is higher than that plant, then most likely when you ingest pot, what’s going to happen is you will experience a decrease in vibration. You’ll experience paranoia and other unwanted side effects.

The second reason people react differently is because Cannabis is highly reactive to intention. Cannabis enhances the truth of this universe, which is intention directs energy. Intention creates your reality. So if you do not set an intention before going into the experience of ingesting cannabis, then what’s going to happen is it’s going to respond to the intention of your subconscious. So let’s say that your subconscious has a desire for you to know something which is buried within the subconscious. Or let’s say the subconscious fears the loss of it’s own boundaries. If that’s the case, when you ingest pot, you are not going to feel a euphoric feeling. Instead, you are going to feel the surfacing of you subconscious fears and resistance.

The number one benefit of cannabis is that it helps people to release resistance. It is perhaps the very best spiritual drug when it comes to helping with this release of resistance. It disables the brain from focusing on the thoughts which cause the body to exhibit a stress reaction. This is why it is so effective at reducing stress and in pain management. Pain is a symptom of resistance. By helping a person to release resistance and flow downstream with life a person is free to be who they really are. More of their true essence is present is the absence of resistance. And this is why people often undergo such intense spiritual experiences while under the influence of cannabis.

This article does not promote or demote the use of cannabis because it can’t be addressed in black and white. Whether Cannabis would be beneficial or destructive is a grey area and would have to be addressed case by case.


If a person tries to escape their resistance by using Cannabis, all they have learned is to be dependent in a powerless way to the particular drug. All they have learned is that they need that in order to release resistance.

Man smokes cannabisCannabis may enable us to break free of the illusion for a minute to see what is beyond this dimension, but it does nothing of how to teach you to get their organically. It has not taught you how to get there without the use of that crutch, in this case, Cannabis. The feeling state of the experience becomes an addiction. More often than not when people experience breaking outside this dimension with the use of Cannabis, that becomes their only way of accessing other dimensions beyond our dimension. It becomes their only way of releasing resistance.

This facilitates a very unique type of powerlessness. The feeling state of the experience becomes an addiction, and the more subtle transition of increasing ones vibration and alterings ones focus as to facilitate an organic shift in consciousness, no longer registers as a special and noteworthy experiences when compared with the intensity of the radical break from reality that is caused by Cannabis. So the drug itself becomes the only access to spirituality, the drug itself, becomes the religion.

Cannabis is absolutely an addiction substance. What it means to be addicted is to be powerlessly dependent on something else to induce a feeling state within you. If you think that pot is necessary for you to achieve a certain level of awareness, or a certain level of feeling good, then you are absolutely addicted to pot. 

Stress And Resistance

Stress and resistance exist for a reason. To teach you about yourself and to fuel you in the direction of your own expansion. When you feel resistance creeping up in your consciousness, there is always an aspect of yourself that needs to be examined and shifted. And there is always something that is being desired. If you escape from that feeling by using cannabis you will forge the opportunity to examine and shift the root of that resistance. And when the effect of the drug wears off you are right back to where you were having improved nothing long-term. In this way, cannabis prevents learning.

Bored PersonAlso, with a decrease of resistance, you will see a decrease of desire, simultaneously. And when you decrease your level of desire, the physical reaction to that decrease in desire is a decrease of dopamine levels in your brain. Dopamine is responsible for your motivation response. This means, that when the dopamine levels decrease in your brain as a response to the reduction in your desire level as a response to ingesting Cannabis, you are in essence, making yourself apathetic. You cannot have intense levels of motivation with the presence of Cannabis in your system.

It’s better to change the conditions in ones life that is making them want to escape in the first place, than enable somebody to escape their life by using some kind of a drug.

That being said, we create our own reality, and when people are in chronic pain or chronic worriers, an interesting thing happens. Certain kinds of pain and worry inhibit focus, especially positive focus, to such a degree that the person cannot learn and cannot get out of the downward spiral of negative reality creation.

If a person is incapacitated by resistance, which is the case when chronic illness has caused chronic pain to occur, or when someone is a chronic worrier, Cannabis may in fact be the very best tool a person can use to enable themselves to release enough resistance to come back into alignment. When this is the case, a persons vibration is so low enough that the Cannabis is able to help a person distract themselves long enough to release enough resistance to be able to face and explore their own resistance and, therefore, shift that resistance. But Cannabis should never be treated as a long term solution to resistance. We need to find the root of the resistance and pull up that root if we want a long term solution to that resistance.

Legalization Of Cannabis

The legalization of Cannabis is a big issues in todays society. Some people see Pot as a gateway drug, which is going to put our youth at risk for using even harder drugs. Other people don’t believe in condoning any type of drug, recreational or otherwise, and see the legalization as us condoning those types of drugs. And some believe that making something illegal actually fuels the use of that substance much more than making it legal does. The reason is, humans are not addicted to substance as much as they are addicted to freedom. If you make something illegal, than the person now has the opportunity to exercise their free will. When we are breaking rules, we have the opportunity to feel more free, and that becomes it’s own kind of addiction. Besides, prohibition never did anything to restrict the use or sale of illegal substances, it simply makes the trade more life threatening for both sellers and users.

People should be trusted to do what is right for themselves personally, rather than be told what is right from an external organization. On another note, we can hope the government has better things to do than prosecute people for trying to find relief, which is exactly what people are trying to do when taking any type of drug.

Legalize CannabisEven though it is a major money making business, to fine people for illegal drug use, we are actually missing an even bigger opportunity to make more money by taxing Cannabis. If we legalized and taxed it, we may not have to shut down so many beneficial programs due to the governments mis-prioritization of funding.

Cannabis should be seen for what it is. It is a tool that is no way necessary for your spiritual expansion and for spiritual awareness. It is a tool that can enhance your spiritual awareness and spiritual practice. But it should in no way be a replacement for the organic experience of naturally increasing your level of self-awareness, and organically experiencing spirituality as a result of altering your consciousness intentionally.

Article inspired by Teal Swan.