• My promise to you is to deliver a coaching experience that will challenge, excite and unleash your truest self. I will help you to uncover your own Cycle of Truth, defeat limiting beliefs, and multiply your impact in the world.

  • Nova Browning Rutherford is a Personal Development Coach and Speaker who has connected with North American audiences by reminding them that they can transform pain into progress. Her intention is for individuals in limbo to break the "victim mentality" cycle and tap into the qualities that propelled them out of hard times in the past.

  • Not only am I extensively trained by the Adler Institute (OISE/UofT) as a life coach but I am also a graduate student of psychology. My psychology background allows me to recognize and change harmful thought and behaviour patterns. I will show you how to effectively manage your life from the inside out.

  • I am a coach (life, business, career, transition, etc.) and I love helping people make positive and meaningful changes in their lives through the process of coaching.

  • Coaching is helping a person move forward. Whether it’s with their careers or some area within their personal lives that is affecting them negatively, or which is often the case, a bit of both. The approach that is taken will vary with everyone because every person’s circumstances and beliefs are different. A personal coach will act as a coach, a teacher, a cheerleader and sometimes your mentor. They are there to listen to you and to help you identify beliefs that you may have that’s holding you back.

  • My one-on-one coaching program is designed to empower you in the most important areas of your life. It will give you the focus, tools and training you need to get consistent results. Together we will see where you are in your life and find the gaps that are holding you back. I will then create a custom game plan for you that will get you to where you want to go!

  • Do you want to feel more connected to yourself and what’s important to you? Are you longing for some support and guidance in the midst of change? Do you feel stuck or unclear about bridging where you are with where you want to be? YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. My coaching services can help you. I partner with people as they cultivate meaningful and fulfilling lives.

  • Hi! I’m Christina Jay, a Toronto executive/life coach. Are you successful but stuck? Not feeling like you are living your most ‘optimal’ life? I offer my direct, passionate and empathetic nature to my practice and ask thought provoking questions in a non judgmental atmosphere to break through limiting beliefs.

  • Life Coaching in Toronto is a specialized process that helps individuals from all walks of life achieve their personal goals. Through the evaluation of where you currently are in regards to your mental health, physical health, and social-well being, we can asses where to improve, and begin setting goals.

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