• Over the last 19 years in my practice as a psychologist, I have developed a deep respect for mind-body-spirit awareness because it is my experience that when we're in this "zone" deep, integral change emerges. To this end, I use a brain-wise approach in my therapy to help you learn how to modulate the “charge” in the nervous system that accompanies tension, pain, and anxiety ("buzzing too high") and/or, depression (through boosting collapsed or flat energy up and bringing in helpful resources). I've discovered that a mind-body approach helps the nervous system find its optimal range and as it does so, you learn how to roll with the “punches” of life into flow with curiosity and passion. Struggles with anxiety, depression, and relationship problems shift and resolve and a calmer and happier you emerges. To help you access a best self, I use a variety of therapy approaches including somatic experiencing, self-regulation therapy, bodynamics, cognitive behavioral, and psychodynamic.

  • I'm a psychologist who helps people open their hearts and turn despair into deliciousness. I also happen to make insanely delicious food that even those with special diets and food allergies can enjoy. This latter calling has manifested in the genesis of a bestselling book where I share these creations (YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet, Sept 2015) that has just received the prestigious honour of winning the 2015 Gourmand World Cookbook Award as the Best Diet Book for the public in Canada-English.

  • Marie-Helene has a unique expertise combining business management, psychology, and workplace psychological health. In addition to her clinical and research background, she has experience in a variety of settings including senior leadership and board of director governance roles in health and wellness, health care, and insurance. Her counselling and consulting practice is focused on career professionals and leaders. She works in English and French.

  • Dr. Carolyn Nesbitt has excellent clinical and academic credentials. On top of research and a Ph.D., she has worked at BC Children’s Hospital, Riverview Psychiatric Hospital, and Simon Fraser University clinic. She is a keynote speaker, workshop leader, has served on the editorial board for The Satir Journal, and published articles on meditation. Currently, she is in private practice, teaches on the faculty of the Banmen Satir China Management Centre, and is founder of MeditationWell.com.

  • Dr. Jones is a Registered Psychologist in Port Moody, and on West Broadway in Vancouver. He is the director of Lifespan Development Group, an organization that is committed to providing quality and evidence-based psychology services to children, adults and families. Dr. Jones has training and experience in helping people with a variety of life problems and psychological issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, family interaction problems, learning difficulties, developmental disorders including Autistic Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder, and self-regulation difficulties including ADHD.

  • Dr. Charmaine Miranda is a registered psychologist and a certified teacher. However, she describes herself as a brain detective. She aims to bring an understanding of brain-behaviour relationships and practical suggestions for building on strengths and improving weaknesses. She has expertise in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disabilities, Autism, and giftedness. She sees children and adults. She will also do behavioural consultation (including training to improve executive functioning), and will review IEP documents, consult to teachers, and run professional education workshops. Her PhD was completed in Auckland, New Zealand, on a Commonwealth Scholarship. She interned at the Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto. Past work experience includes 10 years at BC’s Children’s Hospital in the areas of Neuropsychology, Autism, and Neonatal Follow-up. She is a Clinical Instructor with the Department of Psychiatry at UBC and a Clinical Associate in the Department of Psychology at SFU. Dr. Miranda speaks French and English. You can find her at Compass Clinic in Vancouver, a full service psychology clinic in Vancouver.

  • In my West Vancouver-based psychotherapy private practice since 1993, as a Registered Psychologist, I have worked with a broad range of individuals who have been concerned about experiences of personal distress that can vary in frequency, form, intensity and impact on their lives. Personal satisfaction and growth have been restricted. Social and interpersonal relationships have been dissatisfying. Effectiveness at work has been reduced.

  • I believe relationships are key to mental health. My preferred therapy approach is called relationally focused integrative psychotherapy. It is within safe, empathic and respectful relationships that healing occurs, and the therapeutic relationships I create with clients include these qualities. The 'integrative' term has several meanings. There is the personal integration of parts of ourselves of which we may be ashamed or even unaware. This therapy helps to make us whole again, removes blocks to healthy development and reduces defensiveness and painful emotions. Another meaning of 'integrative' refers to the therapist's ability to bring together various therapy approaches so the therapist has more resources and a deeper understanding of a client's thinking, feeling and behaviours. I use cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as other approaches and therapy techniques. These may include attuned inquiry, self questionnaires, guided relaxation, and practising new behaviours between sessions.

  • About I didn’t come to be a registered psychologist in the typical way. My PhD from Simon Fraser University is in Developmental Psychology where I specialized in the study of infants, toddlers and pre-school children’s development. I was particularly interested the relationship between children’s temperament, behaviour problems, and parenting stress. My early training and studies gave me the desire to work therapeutically with children and their families, and so after graduating with my PhD, I returned to SFU to obtain a second Master’s degree, this time in Counselling Psychology. My internship was completed with children, youth and their parents, and I continue to counsel children and families, as well as individual adults, couples and families in my private practise in Chilliwack. As a service provider for The Employee and Family Assistance Program since 2004 I have worked extensively with health care professionals in the Fraser Valley.

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