Is Integrative Medicine The Future Of Canadian Healthcare?
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  • Currently operating a private general health practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. He offers treatments for many health ailments. Current professional practice includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal prescriptions, Traditional Chinese Medicine evaluation & diagnosis, non-needle TCM treatments include: cupping, gua sha, tui na, acupressure, micro-current stimulation, medicated taping, and qigong therapy.

  • Chinese Medicine is all about prevention – a principle which is so important to me. There was a time in China where the Chinese Medicine practitioners would only get rewarded financially when their patients were healthy. This encouraged them to focus on getting the patients well, then keeping them well with prevention.

  • Prior to immigrating to Canada in 1997, Hui was an attending physician at the Second Hospital of the Kunming Medical College (China) from 1983-1995. During her tenure of 12 years in China, Hui was extensively involved in clinical work; she was sought out as a lecturer and was involved as well in research work. In 1999, Hui opened up her own acupuncture clinic in Barrhaven, serving the Nepean and the greater Ottawa area.

  • Chao-shang Chou is a Registered Acupuncturist and TCM practitioner.

  • His interest in the field of Integrative medicine began years ago when he resided in Italy. After experiencing the remarkable benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine first hand, Antonio’s desire to learn was ignited and has since steered his life completely through to this direction.

  • Wei Yuan came to Ottawa to pursue his studies in the history of medicine at the University of Ottawa in 1989. When people in the University knew Wei's TCM background, they started to ask him for Chinese medicine treatments. Mr. André Brossard, then the international student advisor, became Wei's first patient. Our friends with their extend families, our classmates and teachers, our landlord and neighbours, and others with whom we were coming into contact including our financial advisors and hairdressers were all using our services.

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