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  • I can enthusiastically say - I love what I do! And I have the privilege of sharing my delight with you, my clients, every day.

  • Diana Delisle has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2008. She graduated from International Academy of Massage intensive massage therapy program with Honours and then passed her board exams with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO), and registered as a massage therapist in June 2008.

  • Ellen and her colleagues at her downtown Ottawa location of Body Poets Massage Therapy were thrilled to be voted "Top Massage Therapist" in Ottawa for 2016.

  • I base my practice on the whole picture, not just the current symptoms, because most often the pain being experienced is a byproduct of a previous trauma, injury or imbalance.  

  • Sarah has been practicing steadily for 8 years and is one of your fantastic yoga teachers.  She enjoys the freedom of practicing on the beach, in a grassy field or in indoor studio space.  The daily practice of Asana and integration of meditation has profoundly changed her life.  Yoga has influenced her diet, lifestyle and career.  

Top 5 Massage Therapists In Ottawa