• I can enthusiastically say - I love what I do! And I have the privilege of sharing my delight with you, my clients, every day.

  • Diana Delisle has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2008. She graduated from International Academy of Massage intensive massage therapy program with Honours and then passed her board exams with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO), and registered as a massage therapist in June 2008.

  • Whether you have an injury, a long-term pain, a heartache, or a nervous system in overdrive, Ellen will draw from a range of massage therapy techniques to address your individual situation. She increasingly finds benefit in whole-system massage approaches, such as MIPAWORK (myofascial integration and structural alignment), that aim to rebalance old patterns and restore the body to a more functional, neutral state, and essential oils, with their balancing effect on the nervous system. Her massage treatment style ranges from deep pressure and deep-tissue to soothing and restorative, always guided by what is right for each client in that particular moment.

  • Most pain in the body is caused by imbalances due to injury or repetitive daily postures, routines and stress levels Massage Therapy with a skilled practitioner can help identify and correct these imbalances, as well as give you the tools you need to help maintain a pain-free lifestyle. I base my practice on the whole picture, not just the current symptoms, because most often the pain being experienced is a byproduct of a previous trauma, injury or imbalance.  

  • Thai massage can be beneficial to athletes, active people, those with desk jobs or repetitive motions, seniors or people with minor acute injury. Different adaptations are made for all body types. Mindful, slow, rhythmic movements with relaxed breathing combined with a calming atmosphere allow you to sink into this blissful technique. Comfortable, loose clothes are worn during the treatment.

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