• The sole purpose and function of a Zen Teacher is to help students to realize their own true natures. This true nature has nothing to do with \"personality\" and so Anzan roshi insists that the personality of the Teacher is unimportant. Nonetheless, it can help to understand something about the background of the Teacher, and so this brief biography might prove useful.   The Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi is a Western-born elder celibate monk and Dharma-heir of the late Ven. Yasuda Joshu Dainen Hakukaze daiosho. He also had the opportunity to study with his Teacher\'s Teacher, Hanamatsu Daiji Tenku daiosho for several months.   During the early 1980s, before accepting his own formal students, Roshi also met with various Tibetan Buddhist Teachers of the Nyingma, Gelug, Sakya, Karma Kagyu, Drugpa Kagyu, and Shangpa Kagyu schools in order to better understand how the Dharma was being presented and understood in the West. While mainly comparing Dogen zenji\'s shikan-taza to Mahamudra (Chagya-chenpo) and Maha-Ati (Dzog-chen), he also received empowerment into various Highest Yoga tantras and completed the commitments for them. He was closest to the late Gelugpa Master, Geshe Khenrab Gajam and presented various classes and commentaries on traditional texts for him and other lamas. Roshi also translated several Mahamudra and Maha-Ati texts with the help of some of these lamas.

  • Chris Simmonds offers advanced personal instruction in the meditation techniques of Sahaj Yoga from the spiritual lineage of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.   Chris is an ordained teacher within this lineage and a member of the international AnandaSeva Organization.   Individuals receive a mantra and a personalized technique suited to their own entitative rhythm and depth of experience. There is no charge for receiving instruction in the tradition of the lineage.   Classes are provided to allow beginners to learn about fundamentals of meditation, and experienced meditators to deepen their practice. Class themes include breath awareness, mindfulness, visualization, mantra, meditation for healing, Yoga Nidra, and chakra awareness.

  • Caroline Elson has been living, learning and teaching counselling, yoga, meditation and reiki for the past 12 years. Her academic training includes a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters of Education in Counselling. Caroline has been educated indifferent therapeutic trainings including Mindful Based Stress Reduction, Emotional Focused therapy, Trauma and Grieve training, Marriage and Family counseling, Addiction therapy, Cognitive Behavioural and EMDR.   Caroline has had the opportunity to work as a counsellor for youth, children, parents, couples and individuals. She has experience as a life coach, an experiential educator, a clinical supervisor and most importantly as a student of life!   Her Yoga and Reiki trainings have taken her around the world, acquiring new skills and wisdom. She is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition, and a Star Alliance certified Yoga Instructor in the Hatha tradition.

  • My training as a social worker and long time meditator has taught me the benefits of cultivating happiness, appreciation and compassion in my daily life. I refer to myself as a semi Newf. Although not born in the province, I lived in Newfoundland for many years. My parents, who still reside there, role modelled the power of humour to negotiate life’s difficulties and I bring that humour into my work.   Along with humour, I value the wisdom of the body to support personal growth, greater awareness and happiness. Subsequently, I completed professional training in mindfulness based stress reduction with Jon Kabat-Zinn, essentials trainings with the Hendricks’ Institute, yoga teacher training with Glen Mifsud, and certification in Somatic Experiencing from the Foundation of Human Enrichment. (Peter Levine’s work).   I enjoy the company of a very dear group of friends, work colleagues and family. I love dancing, reading, yoga, my gym membership at Movati (as all my friends will attest to), travel and adventure.   Even during the tough times, I value the wisdom of cultivating compassion, mindfulness and appreciation in my daily life and welcome the opportunity to support you to cultivate the same. I look forward working with you.

  • Rena LaFleur enjoys working with people from a holistic and collaborative perspective that enhances their capacity to feel and be more compassionately and joyfully connected with themselves and others. She offers mindfulness based programs, psychotherapy, clinical supervision and counseling in private practice and in her work at a local community mental health agency. She also incorporates mindfulness into her work with graduate students from local universities.   In addition to her graduate and post-graduate training as a social worker, family therapist and clinical supervisor, Rena has completed a professional training program in mindfulness with Jon Kabat Zinn, her yoga teacher training with Yogi Vishvektu and is a certified yoga therapist in the Viniyoga tradition . Rena is committed to lifelong learning and has extensive training in the areas of trauma, relationships, mental health and mind-body work. She continues to pursue ongoing personal and professional development in varied approaches, including body-centred psychotherapeutic and mindfulness practices. Supplementary health insurance may apply as Rena is a registered social worker and family therapist supervised by David Paré, Ph.D., a registered Counselling Psychologist.

  • Sarah Good is a Registered Occupational Therapist in Ontario with more than 13 years experience working in hospital, school and community settings.  Since 2007, she was worked in the Ottawa area treating clients in their homes and communities.  Recently, Sarah has completed an intensive training program at the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic in order to use mindfulness techniques to work with her clients.   Sarah also works as a Case Manager.  In both roles, she uses a client-centred approach to care based on current evidence.   In order to build a more environmentally sustainable practice and minimize travel costs, Sarah focuses her practice on downtown Ottawa, including the Glebe, Centretown, Sandy Hill, Old Ottawa South and Old Ottawa East.  Working and living in this area, Sarah has gained local knowledge regarding the community resources available to her clients.

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