We are a community of Health Professionals committed to helping humanity heal, awaken, and evolve. We are the voice behind mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Crowd Wellness was created with the root intention of benefiting others. There exists suffering of all forms across all demographics. Our mission is to ease this suffering by connecting those asking for help, with those who have been gifted with the ability to help.

Crowd Wellness started as a seed, or an idea, to find a way for Health Professionals to connect with more clients. As this seed started to grow, it began to take the form of an online directory and community aimed at bringing people together, to share thoughts and ideas, and increase awareness of the wide variety of healing modalities available to the public.

Ironically, the internet has simultaneously divided us and brought us closer together. People may tend to socialize less in person as they stare at their mobile phone screen, but we are also now able to connect with people that we may have never been able to, or had the chance to, connect with in the past. If we look at it this way, we are actually dissolving the borders that had previously separated us. With that being said, the most important aspect of Crowd Wellness, is the sense of commUNITY. Crowd Wellness was built by a few people, but it is owned by all it’s members, because without people actively engaging with each other, the concept will not bear fruit.

The community is meant to draw in people that want to heal, awaken, and evolve. Our vision is ‘Open Hearts, Open Minds’, for it is in this openness that we will find that which unites us as compassionate Adults navigating life’s up’s and downs. It is when we open our heart and open our mind that we experience true healing. We want everyones voice to be heard; left-brain, right-brain, introvert, extrovert. Everyone is free to express themselves.

About The “Top” Lists

To create the list of top practitioners in each field we look at years of experience, testimonials, social media presence, and website quality. The objective is to bring many health professionals into one place with information that will allow website visitors to make an educated decision about who they want to work with.

With that being said, Crowd Wellness is not responsible for any disagreements between health professionals and their patients, or clients. The website simply serves as a way to connect the two parties, and once the connection is made, responsibility is in the hands of the health professional.